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01 June 2017 @ 12:29 pm
_Scrambled_ part 34  

"Men! grubby, dirty . . . can't be bothered to take a few seconds to put dirty clothes . . . "

Nick pried open an eye. "Umaya, what are you doing here?"

"Well! You may be the Tyrant Warrior, but you still need clean clothes and food. Humph! Ten flights of stairs to climb, no consideration for an old woman's bones . . . "

"Umaya, you are only forty six. You've been widowed for four years. Perhaps it's time for you to consider marrying and having more children."

"Young man, do not think for a moment that you can distract me! Nor that any number of husbands or children would make me shirk my duty to the Son of Nicholas." She pulled clothes from a large wicker basket, thumping and banging drawers, slamming the door of the closet.

"Now, Abbas is keeping an eye on the situation. Those Earthers! I went around and showed those silly office workers a thing or two, and while I was there a couple hundred soldiers, nearly half of them women! Just showed up, saying they wanted to move to the Main State, and get away from Fu's troops. And more office women with them."

She sniffed. "That nice Governor Lou is worried, but I told him you'd deal with Fu."

She disappeared into the bathroom, reappeared to thumped his disgusting clothing from yesterday into the basket. "There's food on the table, if you're planning on getting up today. Humph!"

She marched off and Nick pulled the sheet over his head.

"Hey, if you're not going to eat this food can I have it?"

"Zog, what are you doing here? And I refuse to believe Umaya didn't feed you."

"I'm on look out, and Diego's still hungry. Lady Fang had puppies last night and she ate all the scraps and growled at Diego when he got close."

"Puppies . . . well they'll be useful soon enough." Nick rolled out of bed and hunted through drawers for clothes. "What are you looking out for?"

"Danger. Warriors must be alert for anything."

The couch was turned and pulled up to the corner. Boy and dog both turned to look over the back at him.

Nick started to tell him he was a bit young . . . but I was out in the field, training with the Warriors when I was thirteen. He scooped up a bowl of soup and walked over to join them.

"Looks quiet. Umaya made it sound a little interesting." He slurped soup. Fresh greens. Wild onions?

Zog grinned. "Do you drink soup out of bowls when Umaya can see you?"


"Anyway, General Fu hasn't done anything yet. Abbas says he's probably in something like a docbox and his underlings don't dare anything without his direct orders."

"Where is Abbas?"

"Next apartment over. Sleeping. He was up all night. Keeping watch. Hamid took the early watch, I took over an hour ago."

"So, you all have it worked out?"

Zog looked cautious. "Well, so long as you let us. Hamid and I wanted to take the top floor . . . but no elevators . . . so we're up one floor. We figured that could be the permanent watch post, once you didn't need to be guarded."

"I . . . don't think I needed to be guarded."

"Huh. Even Umaya couldn't wake you up. She said sometimes the Prophets were like that. That once Nicholas slept for a whole year, except for waking up and eating every three or four days."

"Well, I never saw that, but the guys did talk about it. A healing coma, they called it." Nick shrugged. "I think I was just beat and so close to drained."

He walked back to the table, drained half a glass of juice and tackled the roast venison. Mashed something-or-other, or maybe it was acorn mush with a thin gravy.

Diego looked over the sofa back and drooled.

Nick sighed. Refrained from tossing him half the meat. He may be well trained, but he's still a dog. He'd swallow it whole, barf it up and then eat it again.

I wonder whatever happened to Killer? He was awfully old, when I started training.

Nick cut up half the roast and even left acorn mush on the plate when he finished his half and set the plate on the floor.

Diego quivered and stared.

Zog snickered. "Go. Eat."

Diego leaped, skidded on the hardwood floor and inhale the food, licked the plate clean.

"Guess he’ll never get poisoned." Nick stretched . . . resisted the urge to go back to bed and walked over to stare out at the hub. "Was I actually insane enough to declare myself the Tyrant?"

"Yep." The boy grinned. "I wasn't there, mind you, but we've all heard all about it. Abbas and Marco were close enough—they thought you might need to be rescued—and they heard it all. You should have heard Miss Boot, when she heard you'd appointed her Governor! She wasn't very respectful of the warrior culture. Did you know you spouted weasel effluvium?"

"No. I didn't know that. I suppose I'd better talk to her . . . after I check on Fu. And MacU." And Dipper. "And find out if that Major Atzee has survived. And if he's going to be a problem."

"Can I watch, this time?"

"I will merely explain the situation to him."

"Oh, yeah! I want to watch you 'merely explain' it to him."

"Shut up, kid. Go upstairs and set up a permanent watch post. I'm going back to bed."


He was staring at the very large sandwich and jug of fruit juice that had somehow appeared on his table with him noticing his apartment being invaded, when someone tapped on his door.

A quick look around. Dawn light leaving long shadows across the ragged ground of the hub.

Nothing happening.

He walked to the door and opened it . . .

Other than the most desirable woman on the world standing here with half her head wrapped in makeshift bandages.

"Hi . . . I lost track of you, on the battle field . . . I thought for a moment I'd killed you."

Dipper shook her head. "Better us two than hundreds in the apartments. I had my shields up, they just weren't quite strong enough. I . . . Well, I guess we'll see how well the Zowie Juice works on eyes."

He gave ground, gestured her in . . . "Are you hungry? I, umm . . . " He broke off at her smoldering gaze.

She closed the one eye her could see. "I thought I was over that effect of the Juice. I locked myself in my bedroom for a day and a half, so I didn't throw myself on the nearest man I spotted."

"Ha! Yeah. First time I tried it, it turned into a street orgy that even eunuchs could participate in. Surprised the hell out of me."

She snickered. "Is that why half the Red Zone women are pregnant?"

"Yeah . . . well, not that I'm responsible for the pregnancies, no balls yet. But a fun time was had by all."

Dipper sighed. "I never . . . I dunno. Met anyone I actually wanted to have sex with. Until . . . " She blushed and dropped her gaze.

"Zowie Juice. Oh which I have also been dose, recently. Why don't you sit across the table and eat half this huge sandwich that someone made for me. Umaya seems to think I need a lot of food."

"You did expend a lot of energy yest . . . umm, day before yesterday."

He hunted through the kitchen for a plate and glass, and they sat safely across the table eating. Meeting and not meeting each other's gaze.

Michawl DolbearMichawl Dolbear on June 2nd, 2017 05:14 pm (UTC)
Perhaps a scene with Dipper teaching Gamer to serve tea elegantly?