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21 May 2017 @ 08:34 am
_Scrambled_ part 26  
Chapter Magic Lessons

Abbas, Hakim, Zog, Gammer, Enuf, New View, Marco, Miss Boot

Ahco, Dough, Yucky

Myyk, Dipper

Zog didn't want to go.
Nick shook his head. "Princess Deip recognized you. I told her you were safer as just one more kid running around the Red Zone. So come a get some basic lessons, and just face up to the fact that the Black Horse Guards are going to be hanging about."

The boy hunched his shoulders. "You wouldn't believe the stupid exercises they make me do. 'So you'll be ready when you touch the One.' Bah. They were stupid. Hakim and I have been watching Abbas when he practices.  I want those kind of exercises."

Nick nodded. "I expect you'll move up rapidly now. But you'll be in the beginners class until I evaluate what those stupid exercises have taught you. Abbas will be in the middle class, and I'll have an advanced class as well."

"You think you can teach the guards anything? They're the best, you know."

Nick grinned. "Oh, so , now you like them?"

He got a scowl in return, but the boy was with the rest of them when they headed for the outcrop in the early dawn.

New View, one of the skinner girls was a clostuone, moderately powerful, untrained. Miss Boot was a Withione, trained to control herself, not trained to do much of anything practical, not trained at all in aggressive magic. With Hakim and Zog, they'd be the basic class.

Abbas, Marco and Enuf were about ready for intermediate classes.

Gammer, would be advanced . . . possibly with the guards. Ahco had brought two men and two princesses. Nick stomped on a spike of lust when he spotted Dipper. The other Princess was older, showing tiny signs of age, so she was probably fifty.He felt them, mentally. All five well shielded, strong.

"I'm going to start with the beginners group, as I don't know how and what of training three of the four have had. The rest of you may wish to meditate and listen in to see the difference between how you were trained and how potential warriors were trained."

Nick turned away and grinned at the apprehensive trio. "Don't worry. It'll be worse than you think. Sit."

He sat on the cool stone facing them cross-legged. A bit irritated to find that he'd lost flexibility. Not practicing myself, not even basic stretches. Even Miss Boot managed a credible crosslegged posture. Behind him he felt the others sitting as well.

"Relax and soften you shields, lower them as you relax and listen to the world." He barely lowered his own, and compartmentalized the first lesson. "Feel the Sun clearing the horizon, feel the heat where it strikes the right side of your face . . .
Michawl DolbearMichawl Dolbear on May 21st, 2017 04:54 pm (UTC)

>>Miss Boot was a Withione,

continuity problem since previously

"I'm Boot Servaone, Miss Boot to everyone, especially my former students.

Based on Black Point Clan, Servaone is probably fine.

>>He sat on the cool stone facing them
++He sat on the cool stone facing the four strong beginner class++