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20 May 2017 @ 08:34 am
_Scrambled_ addition  
I may have already posted this bit I've added in:

  Chapter Disco 2

/// Check continuity with first Disco report///

Xen rested his elbows on the lectern and eyed the belligerent parties. "At a bare minimum, I trust that you realize that nuking a working gate is a really bad idea, damaging both parties?"

He got glares in return.

"We have learned that there are interactions between membranes, and with the inbetween that WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Please stop before you destroy yourselves."

The Ambassador from Nuked Earth (Dear God we need to find better names for them!) turned and glared at Ambassador Montgomery, from Earth Prime (Not that they accept even that modification.)

"And we want our colonies back, and our mining worlds. All of them."

Montgomery raised an eyebrow. "They stayed with us, but by all means, go talk to them. If there's any interest, I'm sure they'll vote on the matter." His smirk was not terribly well concealed.

Xen resisted an impulse to thump his head—or better yet, theirs—on something hard. Lon and Inso had both stepped aside—"Interested parties, you know"—and dumped this all in his hands.

"Gentlemen, I assure you, there are plenty of worlds out there that will have all the colonization potential and all the mineral riches you could want, and that no one else has claimed. Now, Ambassador Kellogg? Am I correct in my understanding that Nuked Earth had one planet being studied prior to colonization but that you had no personnel on the world when everything went sideways?"

Glare. "What of the other people who are missing? Half a company of soldiers who went through the gate to One World before . . . " A glare at the ambassador from the other One World. "Before an Agent from that  world sabotaged our gate. A piece of the army HQ has disappeared, with over a thousand people, both soldiers and civilian employees. And, of course, Main Accounting, which has gone missing, both the building and most of the staff. A lot of our personnel on two mining worlds. And so far, damn few of them have been found"

Xen nodded. "Q informed me this morning that she's located one of the Mining Worlds. So now there's only two we haven't tracked down."

"That's our World! We own it."

Xen nodded. "It sounds very inhospitable. I doubt anyone stranded there has any interest in keeping it. A Disco team is organizing the movement of people. You should, we all should, have better information shortly."

The Nuked One representative scowled. "We have also lost personnel. Most of the Ministry of War, with, we believe, the Minister. More importantly, we've lost a slice of land containing four apartment towers. Nearly six thousand of our citizens live there, and most were home at the time." He hesitated, shrugged. "You can keep the Red Zone."

Xen scowled at him. "We don't have it, Ambassador Ipit. We will keep searching for the two lost worlds. Hopefully we will find your lost personnel."

He glanced at his agenda. "We have designated an Empty World as the halfway point for refugees, from which they can head home or homestead there. Most of the non-Earthers we've found have opted to settle there. That world will not belong to anyone, and we'll leave up the gate to here, and close the gates to Nuked Earth and Nuked One."

Ipit shifted, scowled . . . "We've lost . . . well . . . President Agni's youngest child."

Xen winced. "By now he's either joined a group, or . . . well . . . "

"We need to know. The president is . . . distraught."

"We're looking." Old Gods, I didn't think about children separated from their parents.
ekuah on May 20th, 2017 08:46 pm (UTC)
... you haven't posted this before.
It is new. At least for me.