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07 May 2017 @ 05:08 pm
_Fort Dinosaur_ tidbit  
Can you guys put on your copy editor hats and take a quick look at this? I think I'll publish it in a couple of days.

In the evening, Ebsa and Ra'd circled up with the Chief and five of his crew to demonstrate the insect control spells. Then a small square with Acty and Okli. Neither of whom really knew how to co-ordinate. But they did manage a small area. Again with Ultimate and I-do. Even less ability, but they did manage the insect push.

Ollie and Pixy watched, arms crossed and glowering.

Ebsa felt Ra'd's nausea at the thought of merging with them. "I'll take this alone."

Ra'd's jaw tightened, but he backed away.

The new man looked relieved to be left out. Ra'd's replacement, poor sod.

Pixy grinned and held out his left hand, Evil held out his right.

Ebsa gave them his most innocent look and took them both.

Power circled. Ebsa watched it, held it level as it pass through him.

Felt the thoughts and emotions of seven other men, and lowered his outer mental shield. Strong men, highly magical, well trained, but still somehow blunt and crude. Depending on their strength to do what was needed.

Ebsa sank into the merge.

:: This won't take much power, just a bit of finesse :: ::Ooo! finesse :: :: It starts with a very soft, but widespread push. :: Ebsa felt the others gathering power to put behind a push spell . . . :: No. Soft. Like this :: He dived into their spell and spread it out to a gossimer dome, close around them, then opening slowly, like a soap bubble, to cover the whole camp. ::Shit. That's easy :: Ebsa couldn't tell which one that was from, the merge was light, but still a close mental communion.

::Now the shield comes right behind it. A physical shield, but think of fine mesh :: :: Hehehe! Fishnet stockings, garters :: A wave of lust rolled through the compass, a tinge of red violence around the edges. Ebsa rejected the feelings. :: Finer than that. A window screen, to keep bugs out but let a breeze through, soft enough that a larger animal, a bird, can fly right through it :: Ebsa wrapped his bug shield around the group and let them feel it. :: That's as stupid as the sweet gentle witto pushie :: Ebsa suppressed a laugh, but let them feel his amusement through the team link. :: he lifted the shield up and started expanding it. :: Usually we do it so soon after the Push that we just open it large. :: :: Fuck the lecture you Closey Upcomer Bastard :: The team shoved the shield out hard. Ebsa shoved it upward hard.

Cut the merge and took a quick look. Everyone but Ra'd looked alarmed. Ra'd was grinning and made a horizontal sweep of his hand above his head.

:: Just missed. ::

"Well. Not bad, but you guys need to work on your subtlety." Ebsa strolled off. :: Nasty. No wonder you beat them up. ::

Grins on Team forty-eight's faces, an impression of seven daggered glares at his back. Ebsa cranked his shields up tighter.

Pie leaned close and whispered. "Everyone was listening in. And we all really enjoyed that."
Michawl DolbearMichawl Dolbear on May 7th, 2017 10:35 pm (UTC)
==Now the shield comes right behind it. ==

++Now the shield comes right behind the push. ++

==the Push==
++the push++

==Ebsa shoved it upward hard.==

++Ebsa was expecting this and shoved it upward hard.++

:: Just missed. ::

++Ra'd had been ready with a shield.++

mbarkermbarker on May 8th, 2017 12:39 am (UTC)
pread it out to a gossimer dome -- gossamer