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06 April 2017 @ 03:27 pm
Home Again  
And looking forward to a good night's sleep in my own bed.

In any case,  I need to get back to work. Fix up _Survellance_ and fill in the holes in _Fort Dinosaur_

I made a tiny dent in that. Herewith the entirety of the writing I managed in ten days. Somewhere in Chapter four:

The Action Team stuck their noses in one of the Squishies and retreated grinning.

"Ooolala! Real beds! That could come in handy."

Ebsa cast a repressive glare at the speaker. It was Evlu, who, driving the Action, had pulled what could be generously called a poorly thought out, really, really stupid prank that could have been fatal. Or an attempt to murder Ra'd.

Pixie snickered . . . then turned to follow Evlu's glare at Ebsa. "What's wrong, Closey? You got a problem with us trying out some dried up old prunes?"
Several of the academics were within hearing range, including the oldest prunes.

Ebsa turned and stepped over to the alarmed Acty. "Boss? Do you mind if I spar with the Action Teamers? I need some practice." Ebsa dropped his voice. "And order Ra'd to not join, so as to avoid . . . problems in the field."

:: Spoil sport. Be careful with Pixy. He's fast, strong and damn well trained. You are faster, but you don't have the experience or techniques. :: Ra'd's clear mental voice sounded worried.

:: Go pop some popcorn. ::

A mental grin, then Ebsa eyed the Action Leader as he frowned around and set his team to clearing a good sized square of grass and brush.

Ebsa sauntered over and used a carefully controlled horizontal slice and an angled shield to clear ground. That caught everyones' attention.

Pixie sniffed. "Showy waste of energy."

Ebsa pretended to not notice him muffing an attempt to copy the slice. At least no one lost any toes.

A snort from Ra'd. He and Okli were rolling up some of the larger tree trunks Ebsa had collected.

"Seats for the spectators." Okli dropped his voice. "I hope to hell Ra'd is right to be so confident."

Ebsa shrugged. "Relax. I'll no doubt collect a few bruises, but perhaps the Action Temers can work off some energy doing it, and they'll realize that Ra'd not the only one who casn call them on misbehavior."

Should have praticed more the last /// months. Especially the combined stuff Isakson taught me. This . . . is going to be painful.

A snort as Ra'd passed behind him, the smell of ersatz hot buttered popcorn following him. He thumped Ebsa's shoulder. A quick easy merge. :: I'll help a bit, and watch your back. ::

The Teamers were shedding shirts and shoes, and Ebsa followed suit. Walked over, trying to look sweet and innocent. Square, whom he'd blocked at the gate area, looked over at him and "pushed."

Ebsa twisted as it hit his shoulder and staggered a bit more than necessary. It had been a warning shove, not a full on strike. "Oh, do you guys do mixed Magic and Martial Arts type sparring?"

Grins from the Teamers.

Pixy loomed. He had both the height and musculature to carry it off without effort. "Yeah. C'mon out and we'll show you how it works."

"I had some lessons . . . well, two . . ."

More grins.

And mental glee from Ra'd. :: Poor fools. They've no idea what a lesson from Isakson is like. And they didn't practice mixed a single time in the months I was with them. ::
muirecan: Withersmuirecan on April 7th, 2017 06:29 am (UTC)
Welcome back. Indeed I'll take a bet on Ebsa.