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30 January 2017 @ 02:32 pm
Scrap from _Home Sweet Home_  
I think you've all seen this scene. But you're going to get it anyway.

Rior knew as soon as he stepped through the Gate that this had been a very bad idea.

Because she had always been With the One. And the One knew she had returned. Physically there wasn't a problem. He just kept the light warp on, and kept walking. He observed the clothing every one was wearing, and slipped on an illusion. Walked through a public door and dropped the warp. He needed new ID and money. In a strictly computerized currency and ID, that should be simple, once he grasped the details. The physical cards were easy enough. He scavenged some depleted cash cards and convinced them that they had balances and reset their biometerics to his, then melted another and made an ID card. He wasn't sure it would work right but it looked right as he bought clothing and food and rode about on the mass transit and tried to ignore that feeling that he needed to go that way.
"I reject you. I am no longer of the One. You used me and discarded me. I am done."
Rather than risk using his ID in a hotel, he went to a pick up bar frequented by Halfers and Servaones shopping for better genes for their children. He let a woman hovering around in the background catch his eye, and then in exchange for a place to sleep gave her a memorable night of sex and with the help of the wine, a Withione daughter that would guarantee her better employment and acceptance in a wider range of social settings. Hell, why not go all the way? He summoned up the spell and slipped it over her gently.
"You should ask for retesting. You glow like One." Not bad pillow talk. He slept deeply and woke to find himself dressed and on a plane bound for Cairo. He saved his energy until they'd landed. A few minutes later he was sweating with the effort it took to break loose and buy a ticket going the other direction. He walked onto the next Makkah bound train before he realized what he'd done.
Then he was surrounded by Priests, and it was too late for any more attempts to escape.
He tried to run, tried to shut his mind, tried to warp light . . . he'd never been a part of a Team Symbiosis. The closest he'd ever come had been with that damned puppy Ajha, so long ago, and so recently. But he was going to be part of one now, whether he liked it or not.
:: Daughter, you have returned to us.::
:: I am a man. ::
:: Terrible things have been done to you. But you have the remedy.::
He swallowed and then looked at the bottles lined up in front of him. Male to Female and Ultra blonde had their lids off, were empty. At least I didn't have any shrinking potions. I'll be a lot taller than I used to be.
:: You must recall the obverse of the wizard and witch spells. You must be all and only Of the One.::
And he remembered, for long enough to reverse his altered chromosomes. And then as he/she sank into the One Mind and became one with it, she/they remembered, and what he suddenly remembered, was being used in ways she didn't like, being used as an unimportant trade chip. Being discarded as of no more use. She remembered rejecting the One. He remembered rejecting the One. He rejected the One. The mind withdrew a bit into its –current – eight-hundred and fifteen pieces. And eight-hundred and fourteen pieces felt themselves rejecting the One. They scrambled to remove the erring thought, and the source of that crippling independence.
Rior returned to himself with an almost physical shock. Rejected.
He was laughing as they threw him out the doors.
He cast the spell of the One on every single Multitude that came near enough as he slowly made his way back to the Gate and warped light so he could sneak through to Embassy, to Comet Fall, to Grantown. Where there were no SUVs or Hors de Combat waiting for him.
"Oh damn it all, they finished without me." But he spotted a backpack on the ground, and opened it. Bless the Hors, clean clothes and Wine. He pulled the cork and started drinking, while he stripped off the Oner suit he was wearing. He really needed a bath, too, but that would have to wait.
"Hehehehehe, what's nice girl like you doing drinking all alone in the woods?"
Rior looked around and spotted the speaker. "Whoa, what are you? The God of Dirty Old Men or something?"
The man grinned. "Drunk enough to recognize me, eh? C'mon, I'll show you how to have some real fun, and leave you with a baby god." He reached out and grabbed a breast.
Rior brushed him off. "God? Like Xen?"
"Nah, like himself, and no one else. You learned that lesson?"
"Yeah. Like no one else. Yeah." Rior frowned down at his chest. "One! That was a fast transformation, wasn't it?" He looked around, well, staggered, to see if any of the gang was around. The dirty old man pulled him back against his body, rubbing his crotch on Rior's buttocks, while he reached around and plunged a hand into his, or (damn these transformations!)her pubes. The thrill shot all the way from her toes to her head and next thing she knew she was bending over so the creature could get it in there, and then they tried a few other positions and, well, no doubt at one time in Rior's life she'd have killed him. Now she enjoyed him, and her total freedom.
ekuah on January 31st, 2017 08:36 am (UTC)
Is that...
Standing in as the God of perverts?
matapampamuphoff on January 31st, 2017 03:03 pm (UTC)
Re: Is that...
Nope it's Cor, the Archetype of the Dirty Old Man. I suppose I should add a description of the traditional bare legs and trench coat. But I doubt I'll ever publish the parts of this one that I didn't take for Eldon's part of _The Last Merge_.
ekuah on February 1st, 2017 01:38 pm (UTC)
Re: Is that...
Wasn't that the mage that got killed on the Warmonger earth attack in Explorers?
matapampamuphoff on February 2nd, 2017 09:03 am (UTC)
Re: Is that...
That was Coo Hasenski, the Miller. The old Archmage. Cor is one of the original Goat Boys, Fava's son, Vala's twin brother, uncle of Flare and Orion.
(Anonymous) on February 2nd, 2017 09:46 am (UTC)
Oh man...
...maybe you should publish a book with all the family trees of all the Cometfall and Empire dynasties.

Or maybe I should do it myself, and freeing your time to write further stories. ;-)