matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

In Between Stories

So . . . I've got Eldon, Rior, and the rest of that gang escaping at the end of the Lodge story. I think I snippetted _Home Sweet Home_ about all the trouble they got into, winding up with a mining claim as cover for a hide out on the far side of the Rip.

Then Heso and Eldon get bored and start missing football . . . that ends with Eldon's college gangs getting kidnapped by the Helaos . . . which is why he's handy with the dimension bomb that settles the problem with Helios quite thoroughly.

So, I'm going to cut pretty much the whole of that rather risque start, and just jump from escape to deciding to head for the New Lands and build a hideout, then Eldon and Hesso get bored, etc.

Any objections? Suggestions?

And then there's the post _Last Merge_ story of the hunt for every last kidnapped Oner on New Helios.

Do I need to tell it or just mention it in _Black Point Clan_?
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