matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

Next three weeks

Right. I think I've got the rough drarft done. I'll snippet the rest of it this week.

_Then_ I am going to Taiwan for my younger son's big traditional Chinese wedding dinner. And touristy stuff. I doubt I'll be posting at all. May or may not even be writing. Given the itenerary my son has suggested, I won't have time.

So, I'll put _On The Run_, _God of the Sun_, and _Cannibal World_ up on Google docs and you guys can have at them.

I'll be back Nov 2nd. And write like mad to catch up on NaNoWriMo. Umm, scratch that. With a 15 hour flight, I'll probably be well started on NaNo. Assuming the laptop battery holds up or there's power aboard.
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