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19 September 2016 @ 05:44 am
_Planet Purple_ the end  
  /// team digs in. Lobo gets drunk, is dragged home by irate and lecturing "Sophi," putting Hugo in charge while he's gone. Rael and Lobo leave.

Fuyl, the Exterior Director's official Princess watchdog was a cheerful older woman. She could have stood to lose weight, and today had her feet in fuzzy pink slippers, elevated on a stool. Even the Director's highly starched and proper secretary didn't dare try to shift her out from underfoot. But she did glare when the old princess wiggled her fingers in greeting and waved Rael on into the Director's inner sanctum.

"All right, Director. That worked like a charm." Rael grinned at his openly relieved expression. "What, having conniption fits while I was gone?
Director Ajki of Exterior Relations grinned back. "Not me. Urfa. Probably had the President and Paer riding him. I do hope you don't mind being the unofficial adopted daughter."

Rael snickered. "I don't think it's gone that far. Even if I do have to counsel Paer through heart break after heart break. Favorite Aunt, maybe, but not big sister."

"So, you have any trouble with Xen Wolfson?"

"Gene Lobo, on Purple. He had an ID, friends, a part time job, a shell company, a worthless ghost town out in the desert. And tons of enthusiasm. I think he misses being undercover. He enjoyed himself teaching the guys and pulling them into his fake life." She grimaced. "Did you know it's a felony for a normal or a power to pass themselves off as a Purp? He had to rescue four of the team, including Team Leader Ugho, from the clutches of the criminal court system." Rael leaned back and pondered. "I have a nasty suspicion that if we had planned anything beyond getting into position to watch Earth and Purp relations, he would have found out. And if he didn't like the idea, we'd have been sunk."

"Turned over to the authorities?"

Rael scowled. "I . . . don't think so. Hauled home like strayed puppies by the scruffs of our necks and a lecture applied? Horribly likely. We got a fair amount of that over the hair dye. And expecting to join the elite. I tactfully didn't point out how horribly ignorant he'd been when he came here."

"It's all that princess training. Oozing tact, until you kill someone. Do you think you found out anything useful about Xen?"

"He fit in as naturally and easily as he fit in here. Maybe better, because he'd managed to avoid all notoriety. And his help—involving his property—means that if we betray him, we'll get the chop as well. We have to cover for him, to keep our own cover."

Ajki nodded. "We knew he was good. So that really shouldn't surprise us. Why do you think he helped us?"

Rael grinned. "Ooo! I'm going to tell Fuyl you have no respect for the ability of a Princess to wind a man around her little finger." She sobered. "Actually, I think it's that 'God of Spies' thing. He really connects with spies. I'm not sure but that a memo from you to him about spies in danger wouldn't have had the same effect."

"That is such a weird concept . . . But my agents say it's real, Comet Fall's version of the hive mind."

Rael nodded. "And he's so damned good at infiltration. And Disco apparently has a huge network of spy posts. Most of them unmanned, just Endi popping in, now and then. If there's anyplace you need to know about . . . well, I can try to get information out of him, but he'll know what world you have targeted."

"Do you really think he'd help us?"

She shrugged. "He gave us a lecture. All about real life on Purple, not the pretty part they let show on Embassy. Plus Disco's take on spying, which I suspect is simply his own take on espionage. That the more info we have on each other, the less likely we'll go all paranoid and start something. Or the earlier on something suspicious can be addressed diplomatically."

"He's probably right. Until he's completely wrong, and in the middle of a war. Huge network, eh? Wonder if it is just him popping in. He keeps recruiting people from various worlds, and they all report massive boredom and lots of training. But he's also got a bunch of kids there. Horseboys and waitresses, except they're there for all the magic, sword, barehanded and firearms training."

Rael snickered. "Horseboy has become a . . . higher status job than anyone could have imagined.  It's been what? Six years? And the horseboys here are still teaching each other all the little spells Endi . . . Xen taught them."

The corner of his mouth turned up. "Urfa still refer to him as a miracle?"

"Regularly. I wonder if he'll show up every time I get into trouble?"

/// Team disperses a bit. New jobs for the "Purps" Part time while in college for two of them. Jack gets position as a gardener/chauffeur for the "Lieutenant Governor" who is an Earther "assisting" the Governor, who is a Purp.

/// Six months and Lobo returns, signs off on the four's indentured papers.
/// Kook opens his own plumbing installation and repair shop.

/// Girlfriends happen. Even Purps for the Purps. And a Power GF for Kook.

///Do love story, a powers girl, daughter of the junkyard owner, being pressured to marry, runs away to run the store end of Kook's business. He has trouble telling if she loves him despite the brand, or is just desperate and calculating the value of his possessions.

/// Get job fixing plumbing in a couple of the Trading Houses—Large corporations, owned by the richest Purps, doing business with Earth. Get jobs for the others, driving trucks, making deliveries.

/// Rael back, with Lobo for a visit

/// Big order from Earth. Kook, Hugo, Jack, Mike, Ian drafted to drive trucks to Earth.

/// They get an eyeful of Nowhereistan, and then return to Purple.

/// Can they get work permits, perhaps?

matapampamuphoff on September 19th, 2016 10:49 am (UTC)
Tomorrow I'll get back to Utopia. I've figured out how to delay the confrontation until the barracks are all built, so--as a writer--my timing issues are taken care of.
(Anonymous) on September 19th, 2016 05:39 pm (UTC)
I like this.
It's good. A shocking revelation buried somewhere would be nice. Like Xen IDing half her genes as belonging to her the MIA Bloodmage spy bio-dad. Or that the wine of the gods had attempted gene repair on Oner radiation damaged genes, causing rare-but-significant physical alterations.
matapampamuphoff on September 19th, 2016 06:18 pm (UTC)
Re: I like this.
If i ever finished this, I'd have to either rewrite it as Kooks story, or minimize his part and do it was a Xen and Rael story.

I haven't quite figured out when and how Rael's going to find out about it. She obviously _suspects_ but is she going to actually ask?
(Anonymous) on September 20th, 2016 08:41 am (UTC)
Re: I like this.
There is always another way to hint Rael about her dad's origins.

For reverence:
Rael's biomother is Kael.
Kael's BFF is Mead.
She has two children, Deim and Imde.
Mead and Kael got pregnant on the same occasion (an orgy with the disguised Oscar and Bran induced by some wine of the gods)
That resulted in the birth of Deim, Imde and Rael (all Withiones)
So Imde is the son of Mead Servaone and Oscar.
Oscar is the legitimate and true sea king (without him acknowledging it)
Imde is most likely Oscar's oldest son. (His former 'contacts' were with witches) (but this just my guess)
That would make Imde the sea prince. (that title has some ring to it, isn't it?)

Let's guess that this Imde Withtione get's an Info team internship on Comet Fall.
Now think what would happen if Imde would fall into the ocean or thrown overboard by some action team bully. My bet would be that Imde floats and the ship with the bullies sinks. (Hard to explain that to your superiors ;-)

As soon as it comes out that Mead was knocked up by a comet fall mage, you can count down the seconds until the penny will drop for Rael.

matapampamuphoff on September 20th, 2016 01:51 pm (UTC)
Re: I like this.
In _A Small Family Wedding_ Rael starts to wonder about her parentage. She'll give into curiosity soon enough.