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03 September 2015 @ 12:23 am
_Project Dystopia_ part 20  

:: Right. :: Ebsa winced, then shut the last emotions off. :: Yeahza, break off and retreat to the base of the ridge. Paer, as soon as he's in place, you retreat past him. ::

Yeahza rushed and stumbled down the hill, his panic spiking.

:: Good, now get to the side where you can get a clear shot at the rats as they get to the top. Paer, come now. :: Ebsa raised the carbine. dammit, what I wouldn't give for Ra'd BFG right now!

Paer was halfway down before the first rat showed. Muzzle bloody, but not moving as if it was much damaged.

C'mon, there's got to be a brain in there somewhere. He started firing, heard Yeahza shooting, The rat twitched around, he got a good profile and aimed behind the eye. Three shots. The beast staggered, collapsed, rolled.

Ebsa raised his aim. Two rats. . . a third. He started shooting.

Paer had sprinted past Yeahza, stopped and turned halfway to Ebsa. Dropped a magazine, slapped in another.

:: Yeahza, run for the ute. ::

One rat convulsed, spasming. Ebsa aimed for the next. Click. Drop magazine, insert next. He concentrated on the rat highest on the ridge. The lower rat, staggered, squeaking.

::Paer, go. ::

Yeahza passed her as she turned and sprinted.

Ebsa focused on the rat. Grouping his shots all over the head . . . maybe the skull is really thick? He raised his aim above the head, and fired at the humped back. But missing the spine means I hit nothing but muscle. The rat slowed, abruptly, rear end sagging.

He spared a quick glance the other direction. The others were getting into the ute, it hadn't moved yet.

Back to the rats. Only two in sight. He stepped up to a high point as Yeahza staggered up the hill.

"Get the ute loaded and turned!"

Yeahza didn't waste breath replying.

Paer slung her rifle and scrambled up the ridge. Ebsa emptied the magazine into the closest rat. It staggered, the other swarmed past it. Click. Click.

Ebsa reached . . . no more mags.

He dropped the carbine, unhooked the crow bar and as Paer raced past, he leaped. Reached for Speed. The world slowed . . . The rat was barely a meter behind Paer, its head turning slowly as his movement registered. Too slow to matter. With all his strength, at accelerated speed, the crowbar hit the back of the rat's neck and it dropped. Ebsa's foot landed on the paralyzed, dying rat. He turned, a slice spell slashing across the face of the next rat. It dropped.

He turned and jumped off the rat, scooped up the carbine and raced down the ridge. At Speed, he could balance, dance off a loose rock before it fell . . . he checked his headlong descent, landed on flat ground and let the Speed go.

He glanced back. More rats, but they were just looking, not coming down from the ridge. He lopped after Paer, and reached the Ute just as Yeahza got it turned around.

They threw themselves into the back. "Go."

Chapter Nine

Ebsa yelped as his hair was pulled, and the little Elf girl half fell over his shoulder. He grabbed her hastily and got her turned around.

"Here take this one, too. It stinks!" Ug boosted the boy over the backseat.

Paer shoved the guns under the seat and helped the boy down. "Ebsa?"

"They're both definitely smaller than the . . . remains. Which, from a distance, or laying flat, weren't small enough for me to have noticed. So these guys . . . well, I think they just saw their families killed."

Ebsa hugged the girl tighter. She turned her head to look at Paer. "Squeaker, this is Paer. She's a nice lady."

Ebsa craned his head. "And you've hurt you're ear, kiddo. Those ants get you?"

She glanced up at him, but didn't otherwise move.

"Junior shield boy here doesn't have a name yet . . . and he's also lost the tip of his right ear."

Ebsa exchanged glances with Paer.

"Just a coincidence. I hope." Paer reached to touch the boy, and stopped as he shrank away. "Right. Let's try some food. No telling how long he managed to hold that shield."

She pulled the spoons apart, and fished around. Pulled out a sandwich. Opened it up so the kids could see what was inside.

The boy took a piece of thin sliced vat meat, sniffed, tasted. Gobbled. Second slice went to the girl, third and forth straight into his own mouth . . .

Ebsa looked forward. "Professor Coffee? There is no way the trailer could stand up to the attack of several rats that size. I recommend that we load everything, and head to the base. In four or five months, we can check again, and return if the wildlife has gone back to wherever they came from. By then you will have been able to study all the recordings from down in the cavern. You'll know just what you are looking for, and we can get enough people to secure the cavern and give you all the time you need to study it."

"But . . . " Coffee looked out the window and screamed.

The ute rocked as something large hit it, skidded, accelerated as Yeahza hit the gas.

Ebsa loosened his grip in the girl, collected power in his left hand and threw as the lizard drew back from its first attack and lunged toward the ute. The huge thing snapped at the fireball, shook its head and thrashed a bit, then twisted around and disappeared back into the ruins.

A faint voice from the front of the ute. "On the other hand, studying the recordings for a few months might just be a good idea."

"Yeah." Ebsa eyed their back trail. Too twisted to see very far back. Had that been a flash of white? "Don't dawdle, Yeahza. Is Ogly listening in?"

"Yeah, I turned the speakers down so I didn't get distracted by his cursing."

Ebsa bit his lip. "Tell him to take off the splint."

Paer's head whipped around. "Ebsa!"

"And not putting any weight on the broken leg, get the Brisbane Armory twenty millimeter out and load it. There may be explosive rounds. If so, use them."

Yeahza yelled back. "Are you insane? 20mm with a broken leg?"

"Just in case." Ebsa tried to sound reasonable. "If he takes it slow and easy he can get up the ladder and open the hatch. Find a position to brace himself in. Kill any large critters that are following us."

"You're crazy! Do you know what sort of kick one of those things has?"

"On a badly broken leg!"

Faintly from the radio, "Shut up and drive. I'm being careful."

Ebsa tried to watch both sides, as well as behind. The first long straight stretch confirmed what he'd feared. The rats were on their trail.

"Paer? How's your ammo holding out?"

She looked up from unwrapping another sandwich. "I'm on my last clip. Fifteen rounds left, give or take."

Yeahza handed his back over the seats. "Almost empty. Better than nothing."

Michawl DolbearMichawl Dolbear on September 3rd, 2015 11:46 pm (UTC)
You have previously only referred to the BFG as "Brisbane Armory" xxx

"Brisbane Armory sixty millimetre" never, until now

"Brisbane Armory twenty millimetre"

Little Egret in Walton-on-Thames

matapampamuphoff on September 4th, 2015 12:35 am (UTC)
I started out in _A Tale of Two Interns_ with the Brisbane Armory 60mm.

Figured out that that's the sort of caliber that's generally mounted on a fairly heavy vehicle, or at least a tripod. Not something even a Warrior is going to toting around. So I cut it down to a mere 20mm, and reduced the other weapons calibers as well