matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

Question for the readers

I'm going to maroon these guys for a short while. What is more credible?

A permanent gate with a new mechanism so anyone can close it and release the cones? That, when the rebellion in _Exterior Relations_ touches off someone does close the gate, by Ebko's orders. _Or_ would a powered gate who's scheduled time could simply be cancelled, possibly with sabotage to the gate anchor, work better?

The assumption being that that will take a lot of attention away from Granite Peak at a crucial time for the rebellion. "OMG! FIND THE PRESIDENT'S DAUGHTER!!!!!"

_Or_ it could be due to the insect swarms triggering a biological emergency protocol. And of course being reported to Subdirector Ebko, who's too busy to pass it on. Or laughed gleefully and stuck it in file thirteen.

So, the question is: Best means and type of gate?
Deliberate or Bio emergency?

I don't actually have to decide about the malice or motive right now. But I do have to decide about the gate.


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