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08 August 2015 @ 12:27 pm
_Exernal Relations_ add ons  
When Izzo is in Q's office, talking about Flu's world:

Izzo shook his head. "One other question I had . . . bubbles can be carried around, looking like a little metal rod, or a couple of wooden spoons . . . but what about corridors? People can't just . . . carry them around, can they? Smuggle them places?"

"Oh dear." Q reached for a sheet of paper and pen. Eight circles, with brief labels. a grabbing motion, and thumb press to each circle. She handed it across the desk to him. "That's what a corridor looks like."

He studied the paper. Two squares of . . . pictures of the ceiling, his hand as it passed over one, shown in the other. He fished a toothpick out of his pocket, and poked it into the bottom square. It poked out of the top one.

"Fold it up, stick it into your pocket. Cut it up and pin the corners to whatever size you want." She folded the paper, reached and put it in his pocket. "Short of hiring dimensionally able witches to sit in your customs offices and looking for them, I doubt you can control smuggling of the corridors, or smuggling using bubbles."

Izzo winced. "And since the, umm, Hors de Combat includes several dimensionally able witches, I can't even hope to limit the supply, can I?"

"Not a hope. They are just so very handy for storing things."

Then I can have him recruit Cough Cough for the ride. Still a bit off, the Director of Extrernal Relations going off without a guard, but Izzo's not used to having one hanging about.