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07 August 2015 @ 04:41 pm
_Exernal Relations_ part 18  

". . . with no interference from the Empire ever again." Governor Arry swept a hand through the space that had formerly held the gate to One World. Wgli stood to his left, and Ebko to his right. The news vids were rolling and everyone, every One on the planet, who wasn't seeing this historic moment live, was watching on his home screens. And popping out of their homes and coming to witness in person.

"We will no longer be held back by the chokehold the Empire used to control our exports. Finally we can trade openly with the other Worlds of the Multiverse. This is the start of the One truly moving into the Multiverse. World-by-World, independent and free."

The Earthers and the Halfers and the Miners would be free as well. Not that they counted.

His militia, two thousand strong stood by to deal with the few who couldn't see the advantages of an independent World. Wgli had brought his people, two hundred strong, and Ebko had rolled in with all nineteen Action Teams, just behind that Earth Merc, escorting the Fallen witch.

She'd closed the gate to One, and was circling the growing crowd to get closer to the gate to Embassy, in case they needed to close it as well.

No one can stop me now.

"Chokehold? If you had anything to trade, it would come to the One World free of any tariff or barrier."

Arry jerked around at the sound of that irritating, overdone Parisian accent. "Izzo! What are you doing here?" Then guilt drained away and his eyes narrowed. Ha! The fool had a single man at his back. Icing on the cake, getting rid of Izzo.

"Taking look around. Having a chat with the Chief. Funny, how he's quite sure his people aren't doing any raiding." Izzo's head turned abruptly.

Arry followed his gaze. Two people riding black horses, swinging down to the ground and with a quick gesture, surrounded by women and children . . . oh shit, was that . . .

Monia turned and focused on him. "You piece of shit. You sent a bloody action team to kidnap me? You . . . yeah, well, guess what, Lover, now you're going to acknowledge your daughter, and then I'm going to beat the shit out of you before you're arrested."

"Yeah! Those action teams grabbed us too!"

"They hit my little girl!"

"As if we couldn't see their faked buckskins and wigs!"

And that damned Izzo, projecting his voice. "Ebko, tell me, what were two of your Action Teams doing, dressing up like Nomads and raiding a farm? Governor, you were bitterly accusing me of incompetence because of my inability to capture the raiders. Well, what a surprise, you were actually sponsoring them. Whipping up support for your little independence movement. Murdering your own people, moving the wives and girls to your rape camp in the south."

Arry shot a look at the vid cams.

Wgli spun a spell out and the broadcast lights dimmed.

"And what are you going to trade for the goodies you want? Grain? Now, I'll blame my predecessors, and most especially the Council for not getting the machinery the Earthers destroyed, fixed. All well and good for them to pursue repatriations from the Earthers, but the money seems to have wound up in the wrong pockets. In fact, a great deal of it seems to have gotten into your pockets, and disappeared."

Arry wiped sweat from his brow. "Great causes need great sacrifices."

"Do they? Do your citizens agree? Or would they rather have repaired their machinery five years ago and got on with reclaiming their fields?"

"Bah. Enough of this." Ebko stepped up and pointed at Izzo. "Kill him!"

"Subdirector Wgli, I remove you from duty until an investigation into your department's financial affairs is completed. Subdirector Ebko . . . "

Arry smiled in anticipation as Ebko whipped a nasty spell at the Director. His smile faltered at the ease with which the Director shrugged it off. Wgli joined the fight, crisp spats of spells flying.

A flying wedge of Oners shoved through the crowd. Izzo's single guard stepped in to . . .knock the first one flat, spin and kick . . . Then he was surrounded. The first man past him leaped for Izzo, and went flying. Damn it, Ebko said he was a fencer.

Then his militia captain charged in, two of his bullies half a step behind him.

A slender figure, a girl ran forward, a flying drop kick, and the captain was down.

"Dammit, everyone's got shields, we're going to have to do this the old fashioned way." Ebko drew his pistol and took aim at Izzo.

Sudden confusion caught the corner of his eye and he whipped back to see Ajha jumping onto the platform, fist drawn back . . . Ebko flew off the platform. Ajha grabbed his hand. "Oww, damn."

Monia shoved past him, looking like hell, madder than hell, but she was just a woman . . . She drew her hand back to slap him.

He stepped closer to block it and she grabbed instead, her other clawed hand going for his face. He shoved her away, but she clung like death. "I don't have time for this!" He threw a stun spell and staggered as it bounced. "You can't have a shield!"

"Says who?" She kicked, tangled his legs and he fell backwards.

He threw the bitch aside and climbed to his feet. The fight was one big free for all, all over the plaza.

There was Izzo, still on his feet.

Four of the Militia officers were writhing on the ground. The other Militia were backing away.

"Hurry. Don't let them throw any more spells!" Not that they could hear him, half the people seemed to be screaming, yelling, roaring . . .

Some stalwart lads from the back pressed forward, charging the platform.

Split and went around the platform.

Dogs, goats, ponies and large purple bunnies were chasing them. Or perhaps fleeing with them. The four Militia guards fought free of their clothes. Goats. They'd been turned into goats. Just like the former Interior Director and his guards.

Arry spotted the Earther Merc, and his witch and threw himself off the platform to grab the man. "What is your witch doing? I thought you were certain of her loyalty."

"I am." The man looked behind him. The Witch was crouched in terror at his back.

"We should run. Fast. Disco is here. Someone is bubbling troops." Her voice was high and hysterical.

"Then. Close. The. Gate!" Idiots!

"Right." The Earther reached and grabbed her, and hauled her away with the fleeing Militia.

The Governor climbed back onto the platform to see what the hell was going on . . . three women, just THREE figures following the rout of his Militia. He waved down the Action Teams rushing the platform and pointed. "Get those women!" The Teamers charged the three attackers. Two of them turned to deal with the Teams, the third directed a spell at the platform as he leaped off to tackle her.

She hit the ground with an explosive grunt, then hit him with an elbow, rolled, and a spell net closed down on him. His body spasmed and she scrambled away.

Funny, he couldn't hear any more shots being fired, must be the pain locking up all of his limbs. He could see the teamers—they were all rolling on the ground with him . . . looking odd and purple . . . he looked at his own hand . . . paw . . . and tried to scream . . .

Michawl DolbearMichawl Dolbear on August 8th, 2015 01:35 am (UTC)
Thanks !

The excuse for Ebsa not being there is that he isn't yet up to 4 days of horse riding.

But you probably need to back fill to mention Flu's mothers name.

And why =="Dammit, everyone's got shields, we're going to have to do this the old fashioned way." Ebko drew his pistol and took aim at Izzo.==

Your reader expect physical shields to stop pistol rounds so this will make no sense to them nor can Ebko expect it to work.

Is GeWizz in the big scene ?

And where is Cough Cough who is supposed to be the old war leader ?

Little Egret in Walton-on-Thames
matapampamuphoff on August 8th, 2015 02:18 am (UTC)
I may need to rewrite this from some other POV, someone who recognizes Gee Wiz. Very few people can hold 2 shields at once, although the Teams do practice it, in the middle of a chaotic battle it is tough. So when someone is under a mental attack, you shoot them.

Arry is not a soldier, and doesn't extrapolate that to "But Disco and trained Princesses can" and he's been listening to all the subdirectors running down the "Lawyer with experience in Precog and Divination? City boy who lah-di-dah, fences? Didn't even go to the Directorate School! A complete know-nothing!"

And Cough Cough is not in on the rebellion. I was thinking he was tied up somewhere, but now that I think about it, he might have ridden with Izzo, since he knows the nomads usual summer grazing lands.

I'll add that in, when I get around to :: sigh :: Do you realize this is about twenty stories down the stack, chronologically?
matapampamuphoff on August 8th, 2015 02:22 am (UTC)
Back filling. Yes. I only just finally decided on a name for the Oner's largest town. Now the Earthers . . .