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06 August 2015 @ 09:41 am
_Exernal Relations_ part 17  
More assembly required. This stuff fits in here and there, mostly inside the previous post

"Ha!" The Oner turned and eyed the very few people around. "Ubso, get the forklift. Two pallets of canned and dried goods, one pallet of ammo. We'll be ready." He eyed Arrow. "If you can close the gates."

She smiled smugly. "I closed to gate to Earth and the gate from Earth Town to Embassy just before we left. Tomorrow I'll close to gate to One World. Then we'll just see if we also need to close that gate to Embassy, or if we can negotiate our independence."

Iqne curled a lip. "Disco is owned heart and soul by Comet Fall." He shifted away to give the forklift space to get to the end pallet. "Everyone else there is just an employee. You really think that wizard let's Hackathorne make policy decisions?"

Arrow laughed. "Finally, some one who sees the truth. But if they play by their own rules we may have a chance. After all, we're sticking it to both Earth and Empire. We can pull this off."

A couple of figure climbed into the truck cab and shifted it forward . . . kept going . . . Jack turned and frowned. "What are they doing with my truck?" He raised his voice. "Hey, close the gate, don't let them . . . Shit! Iqne, check the prisoners, I think a couple are escaping."

Half the vehicles here were company property and would start for his implanted ID. Why the hell did I leave the truck running? He bolted across to an armored transport. If that's just some idiots taking a joy ride, they're going to regret it. Because prisoners escaping right now would be bad PR. Fatal, in fact.

Iqne was standing, looking unfocused. The Action Teamers burst out of the barracks, half undressed, fumbling into clothes with weapons slung over their backs. They headed for the Oner vehicles.

Iqne snapped back into the present. Grinned. "Looks like the revolution is on, boys and girls. I'll call Arry and let him know. You get your witch to Cough Town and close the gates." His grin widened. "We'll clean up this little escape and be right on your heels.


Izzo refused to examine what he was about to put into his mouth. Crunchy and sweet, and those are not legs or antennae. "Old men. Well, being one, I understand."

The chief grunted agreement. "Yes. Well, this girl has a good idea. It will solve everyone's problems. The Oners will have their farms, the half breeds will be out of our hair, and even my own youngsters can find out that perhaps their decrepit grandparents knew what they were talking about. As this girls says, the old Oners can come with them, or die of old age in crumbling towns. It is good."

He spit on his palm. Izzo spit on his. They shook. And went back to eating and drinking their way through a huge spread. Meat, from at least four critters. Veggies, fruit . . . honey cakes . . . cruncky sweet things that were not insectile at all . . . beer, some sort of fruit wine, a fermented dairy product, he was fairly sure it was mare's milk . . .

Izzo looked at the sheer amount of food and boggled. Can I stagger drunkenly while waddling? And why did I envision the Nomads as lean and half starved? Maybe I had better stay one more night and sleep it off . . . Erm, no. Must get back and see what the troublemakers are up to.


Ajha didn't slow down until the horses ran out in front of the truck. He hit the brakes . . . "One dammit, we left the saddled, bridled and tied up in case we needed a fast get away. I hate to abandon them but . . . " He broke off as the big black beasts dodged around the slow moving truck and leaped from the side.

Steel shod hooves skidded on the steel bed. They scrambled and turned forward.

Fean snickered. "Comet Fall! Get going, Boss."

He got. The horses leaned on the cab, heads up, manes streaming in the wind . . . He shook his head and watched the lights far behind them in the night. They'll catch us by dawn, so we'll need to hide . . . somewhere, before they can see us, before our tracks are obvious. Late enough that they'll think we turned off the headlight in the early dawn and not stop to look for us. This is going to require me to stay ahead of them for at least five hours on crappy dirt roads. Well, it's not my truck . . . he depressed the gas pedal and peered into the night, hoping to spot the worst of the holes before it was too late to avoid them. And hoping the horses could hold on.

He managed it for four.

Fean spent five minutes staring at a rock then, as he topped a hill and spotted the grove of trees so close to the road, opened her window and dropped it. He drove past the last tree, slowed and turned, turned off the head lights and bumped over rough ground and crammed the truck into a gap between trees and drove in. Stopped and turned everything off.

A big black angular vehicle crested the hill and roared onward.

"What did you put on the rock?"

"Umm, just a bit of concentrated anticipation. You know, 'there they are just going around the curve up there, hurry, we've almost got them!' Should hold for at least half an hour."

"Perfect. Let's wait and see if they've got any friends along, then we can trail along at a sane pace." He stretched. "You can drive."

"So you can sleep? Yeah, like I believe that. You'll be looking for an ambush, won't you?"

"Never hurts to be careful. What do you think? Another two hundred kilometers to Cough?"

"Something like that. But what do we do when we get there?"

matapampamuphoff on August 6th, 2015 11:54 pm (UTC)
All right. Is there any one I've forgotten to invite to the big party? No? Okay, let the fight begin!
hollybambolo on August 7th, 2015 04:56 am (UTC)
It occurred to me that there's absolutely no reason why Ra'd and Ebsa have to be edited into presence in this book. Izzo has other worlds. They could simply already be deployed across. You could just drop an "Ajha, where are those young Warriors of ours at?" "On Target 796," in there early on. Later on it could be that assignment where absolutely nothing happened and everyone was bored stiff. (Or not, those two would probably come up with a plot idea all on their lonesome.)

Alternatively, Isakson could've borrowed them for training or something.
matapampamuphoff on August 7th, 2015 12:20 pm (UTC)
I sort of vaguely thought Ajki might have hauled them off to Interior with him.

"Ebsa needs more political exposure, you know."

Ra'd snorted. "I don't. How much trouble will I be in if I punch a Councilman?"

Anyway, it's not so much that I need to add them, as I've got the secondary characters all busy doing other things. Izzo isn't going to ride off by himself, so I need another warm body.