matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,


  So, between running around with last minute preps, flying, enjoying myself, being driven crazy with family and so forth, posting will be irregular for the next couple of weeks. I may start posting smippets of a post-Black Point Clan story for your amusment (or appalled horror) with Izzo taking over as the Director of External Relations.

  • _Hostile Takeover_ Part 17

    and get the last one out before the first one's rest period is over and they raise the alarm. Dammit. It's not going to be possible.…

  • _Hostile Takeover_ Part 16

    Chapter Fifteen Baby Sitting "So, you guys just kick back and take a few days off until the Stutties realize that they aren't going to be…

  • _Hostile Takeover_ Part 15

    Chapter Fourteen Among the Enemy "We have to get the domestic situation under control, so we can open the portals to Regulous soon. You are…

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