matapam (pamuphoff) wrote,

Stories in blue are Eldon's, Orange are Rael's two and Ebsa and Ra'd four stories, the last one of which will probably get tucked into The Last Merge.

Embassy                     1398=>1399                *72K               1400
-1401 yp

Dirty Tricks                            1399 px           16K                 1401 yp Fall

Castles of Air                         1399               *14K

Small Family Wedding                                   19k                  1402 yp Spring

Directorate School                  1400                *53K              1402 yp Fall

The Lodge in the Mountains 1400                *38K

A Tale of Three Interns           1401                28k                  1403 yp Summer

Cannibal World                   1401 fall          *20K            1403 yp

Short Term Assignment          1403                *16K               1405 yp spring

The Last Merge                    1403              *63K               1405 yp fall

Home Sweet Home     1400=>1403    *10K

Rescue Mission                                   16K                 1405    

Prince Primus            1376 => 1405            *22K

Black Point Clan      1405=>                     *71K            1407yp winter


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