December 26th, 2020

_SuperHeroes vs the Space Aliens_ part 14

Chapter Thirteen

Super Cool

It got quite noisy for a while, the ground trembling, the snow cap on the overhang falling on them . . .

"Relax! It's just adding to our camouflage." Will heaved on the tarp and the snow slid off.

"How can you be so calm about it!" Kelly whimpered. "You know they blew up your pretty little plane and even you are going to freeze to death before you eat us."

"I'm three hundred and eighty nine . . . wait, what's the date . . . Ha! Three hundred and ninety."

A deep roar and four more explosions.

"Now this is the way to celebrate a birthday!"

Mike choked. "Really?"

"Yep. I am definitely alive."

Mike started laughing. "Oh man, you really are crazy."

"Umm, I prefer to think of myself as eccentric." Will cocked his head. The sound of jet engines was fading. He looked at his watch. "Three and a half hours. Then we'll see if they freed up enough ice."

"Why wait?" Kelly sounded honestly curious.

"Satellites. Once they've had several passes by several satellites, to satisfy themselves that there's nothing moving, we'll move. So how about another granola bar?"

"Nothing warm?"

"Nope. With the rock overhang, the snow, the hot spots of the fuel fires and miscellaneous missile parts cooling, we ought to be unnoticeable. I'll break out a reflective blanket in a hour, so if they do notice a warm spot, it'll look like it's cooling."

"But . . . if we're out after dark, won't we show up more?"

"Arctic Summer, Mike. Depending on how well they cleared the ice for me, we ought to be inside before sundown."

Just made it. They pried off a few fallen chunks of ice off the hidden entrance, the sledge took care of the rest so he could pry off the heavy (molded and stained to look like the local rocks) cover to the ladder leading down to the heavy blast door. Will grinned at the post Super War Relic. He had to use the pry bar to get the recessed wheel to budge, then tap around the edges to break up the ice that had accumulated in between the door and jamb. But one good heave and it gave, swung stiffly halfway open and jammed again.

Will slipped through in the "airlock."

"We were all such paraniod, traumatized, and very powerful people back then. Let me open the other door and check the air." He tapped the code and the locks clicked. He tugged the door open.

After the minus temps out side, the inside air hit his face like a blast furnace.

He sniffed, and stepped through.

"Welcome, Master."

"Glenda! You got through!" Will grinned happily. "Is the air breathable and where is the nearest lubricant for the blast door hinges?"

"Yes, Master. The explosions cleared the ice and snow from the flat antennae. I circulated fresh air as soon as the smoke cleared to hide the temperature differential. It is now sealed--apart from the open airlock. There is oil in the store room three meters ahead, on the right."

"Damn you're good." Will stuck his head back out. "Mike? Everything is good here. Start moving everything from the sled, down here. Including the sled."

Once he got the blast door all the way open, it was simple, Kelly hauling everything up to the roughest bit and heaving it up to Mike (who only slipped twice and didn't complain about his ankle until later) who carried it down to the entrance and dropped it to Will who carried it all inside.

He left the sled propped against the wall by the ladder and took the prybar with him to provoke a few snow collapses, hiding the marks they'd made where the sled had stood, the rough path, and as he fit the fake rock cover back over the entrance, he poked the snow uphill through the last crack and was rewarded with a few thumps a stuff falling on the cover.

The wind should cover the rest, although we mostly stuck to the rocks.

He closed and locked the doors behind him and found the alarmed children frozen in the hallway.

"There's someone here!"

"Just Glenda, I hope. Glenda?"

"Yes. Just me, Master."

Will grinned. "You really need to stop calling me that. Glenda is a computer. Not just an AI, she's reached true person-hood."

He eyed the youngsters. "Glenda, while Mike and Kelly are nice people, they are also DSMD agents. So while they can go anywhere, let me know if they look like they're trying to blow the place up or somesuch. If you can spoof the location of the signal . . . "

"Of course, Master."

"They can research and get news." Will opened the last door to the left and stepped out onto the top landing of the stairs down to the hanger.

"No communications unless things get weird." Will looked around, and spotted the two Agents peeking through the door, then stepping out to gawp at the space plane.

"That's Alpha Bitch. Abby for short. My prototype. I only flew her a few times. Then I drew up complete schematics for the space planes the government built. Barely different, but you know how it is, once you fly it, there are some changes you want . . .

"Then I let the Good Guys--the US of A--detect my departure point and let them capture that particular hideout. I was done with it."

Will led the way down two flights of stairs and walked out into the hanger floor. "I swear Ernie built this base just to hide Abby. And he dismantled and used so much of my old base. Those airlock style doors we came in through? Mine."

He looked over at the silent pair. "Which, when I found it, made breaking in a snap."

Mike shook himself. "So . . . what are you going to do with . . . Why the flat nose? Aerodynamically . . ."

"That was the ram, for pushing asteroids around." Will sighed. "Not that I've examined the government's space planes, but the nose the only thing they changed. I designed them to save the Earth from an asteroid impact, and they turned them into weapons."

He shrugged. "Not that Abby wouldn't be a good war-bird, but she's specialized for shoving things around."

"B, b, but . . ." Kelly's teeth were chattering.

"Oh, sorry, come this way, and lets see if we can warm you up."