September 10th, 2020

_The Destroyer_ part 44

"Who is that? He's not one of us! Get him!"

Ice kicked the Cyborg below him, grabbed the Cyborg above him and levered him over his shoulder and threw him into the crowd below. A wild laser shot hit the ceiling and plaster fell amidst a cloud of dust.

Dust! YEAH!

Ice flinched back as lasers hit his shield. He grounded most of it, absorbed the rest and fed it into his mental shield, as he dug out his globs of gene editors.

I have no idea if it works when inhaled, and one is overkill for a few hundred people.

So I'll throw three.

He threw one as far as he could. As he sliced it open, lasers crisscrossed, scintillating in the dusty air, trying to hit it. They probably think it's a grenade or something. He threw two more, slicing them. Not that I have the faintest idea if a laser hit would destroy the nanos, but just in case . . . He threw a hard push, clearing the steps again, and backed up to the top of the stairs, until his physical shield hit the shield Mikel or Furkan was holding. Matched frequencies and backed through it.

Instant relief as the pressure on his mental shield stopped.

Furkan looked around with a wry smile. "One of these centuries I must learn to listen to Warriors when they tell me something is too dangerous. I don't suppose you have a plan to get us out of here?"

"Yes . . . If I can." Ice felt the location, brought up the teleportation spell, reached for the location by the gate . . . and felt it slipping . . . "Damn it. I'll have to try a close location. If I can do this, we'll still be in trouble."

Right. The location in the street just outside the building. This location, the spell. Reach out and grab the Warrior and the Prophet. Throw power into it and stumble on the road, bounce off a fortunately stationary vehicle, rebound into a Cyborg, punch him.

Furkan vaulted over the car, legs swinging around for a beautiful kick to a mentalist's throat. Mikel took the easy route around the front bumper and started shooting.

Ice went around the other side and sliced, shoved out shields. Spotted people in fancy coats, stopping, turning back to concentrate on the trio of enemies suddenly in their midst.

Continuous laser fire, trying to saturate the shield, or tire the man holding it.

"They're controlling the Cyborgs!" Ice ripped open one back, snatched the weapons bag, flinched as a laser burned past his head, and strengthened his own shields. Pulled out the 10mm and handed it to Mikel, grabbed the 20mm.

Furkan shook his head. "I'll do the mental and energy shields, so you two can do the physical shields and open slits!"

Ice laughed, handed Mikel two extra mags, and stepped away from him. "I hear some heavy equipment coming. I'll take them."

Mikel fired three times. Two of the mentalists fell, the rest dived for cover. "I think we're on the road to our gate so moving is a good idea."

Ice spotted a moving hulk and leaned into the big gun. Recoil spell, hearing protection . . . focused, felt where he wanted the bullet to go, hole in his shield . . . spotted the driver's slot and fired.

The tank kept coming . . . in a straight line crunching over the rear corner of a car, Cyborgs scrambling to get out from in front of it . . .

"Time to run!" Mikel snapped.

Ice turned, swiveling his shield behind and ran. Straight down the road . . . he threw a glance over his left shoulder . . . If that's the right water tower, we're headed straight for the gate . . . Over his right shoulder, the tank path had been slightly altered, either by running over the car or some attempt inside to divert it, and was clanking inexoriably for the wall while Cyborgs scrambled to get out of its way.

A car--a big black limo---squeezed past behind it and accelerated. It veered back onto the road and arms poked through the windows. Laser on the left, rifles on the right.

Ice sprinted to catch up to Mikel and Furkan, as vehicles roared out of the crossroad ahead. two of the jeep-like cars and a larger thing with a top mounted weapon. One Cyborg swiveling it around to point at them, another handling a ribbon of ammunition . . . Ice eschewed subtlety pointed a finger and sliced hard. The machine gun and both Cyborgs fell off the far side.

"I've changed my mind," Mikel panted. "You can be a relative of mine after all."

Furkan laughed. "Dammit, we're trouble here, don't make me laugh."

Ice turned at a crash behind them. The tank hit the steel wall at an angle, one tread trying to climb, the other churning, skidding a bit as it tore up pavement.

But much closer, the limo . . . Ice punched through the front grill, then tried for a front tire. It slewed as the tire blew and Icepunched through the open windows, then turned and ran for the military vehicles.

"We have to get past them!" Mikel was firing methodically, dropped a mag and slotted in a new one.

Furkan was wobbling.

"Stay close!" Ice yelled at Mikel . "We're running out of power fast!"

Ice unslung the big gun and started punching holes through the larger vehicle.