July 7th, 2020

_The Destroyer_ part 3

Narrow stuns. I don't want to hit Gior.

He shifted, trying to get the struggling girl out of his line of fire. Stunned the nearest doctor, circled to zap the second. The two cops wrestling with Gior didn't notice. The third cop spun, looking for an attacker, turned back. "Careful! I think she's a mentalist!"

Gior jerked around, the cop holding her, finally off to her side. And dropping stunned. but someone must of hit an alarm, he could hear running footfalls.

Ice turned and stunned two Cyborgs, turned back to see the third cop bash the last cop over the head with his cyborg fist.

"Woman, if there's a chance to escape, I'm coming too!"

Gior threw him a wild glance, then looked around. "Ice?"

Ice dropped the light warp. "Yep, so let's get out of here before the next wave of security people arrive." He met the Cyborg's eyes. "What the hell, c'mon."

Ice headed for the stairs. "Gior, did they get anyone else?"

"No, I closed the gate as soon as they grabbed me and I . . . realized what I'd done." Her voice got real small. "I just wanted some alone time and those stupid boys . . . so I crossed over and sat in the alley for some meditation . . . and felt the Cyborgs coming. Why didn't you come!"

"Because I'd already done all the teleporting I was capable of today. How about you? Can you open a gate?"

"Here? Now? No, I have to meditate and then try to find the right world and then . . ."

Ice passed the door to the second floor and rounded the next bend in the stairs to come face to face with a pair of Cyborgs, waiting quietly for them. Ice tightened his grip on the rail and jumped, a boot to the chest of each Cyborg. Off balance, they stepped back, fell and crashed, as the Cyborgs behind them surged forward.

Ice pointed up and back. "In there!" The burn of a near miss had him adding an energy shield as he scrambled back to the door to the second floor. He shoved Gior through and slammed the door, as she screamed.

He turned to see a horror show.

Shaved heads all in a row. Twenty or so. Still attached to the bodies under surgical drapes, he was glad to see. All unconscious.

But no one is shooting at us. Yet.

He turned back to the door and shoved a hard application of heat to the edge, to weld the metal door to its frame.

He gave the room a long study.

A gurney down at the left end of the row, was being maneuvered into line. A gurney was being pulled away from the end to the right.

Cyborg doctors, butchers, were a quarter of the way down the line, bent over a patient. Victim.

What the hell? Assembly line brain chipping? I know it's a big city, but how many miscreants do they have that a couple dozen of them need brain chips a day?

He scanned the young faces and shuddered. Or does everyone get a chip for their eighteenth birthday?

To the doctors' right, bandages on heads. Brain chips. Control chips. To the left, no bandages . . . in fact it looks like they're still shaving heads down there.

He strode out for that end looking at the unconscious faces under those shaved heads, looking for familiar features . . . If they're already chipped, I'll have to try and get them away . . . find someplace to dose them up with the Joy Juice and hope to hell they recover . . .

Oh hell, I ought to have checked all the other room upstairs!

"What are you doing? I told you I closed the gate!" Gior was panting through the hands she had over her face, a step away from from a full panic.

Ice cleared his throat. "Yes, thank you . . . umm, Gior? Can you open a gate?"

A sudden ding and he jumped for the elevator. Stun spells, kicks, a few laser shots and these Cyborgs were down.

Gior was screaming, crying tugging at the nearest gurney. "We have to save them, we have to, save them . . ."

"Oh shit." Ice swallowed. "Gior. If you can open a gate, we can save them."

She stared at him blankly, panting.

Oh. Shit!

"Gior . . . I need you to sir down in the corner there, and meditate. If you cannot manage a gate, maybe a corridor. While you do that, we'll clip the kid's restraints., see if we can wake them up, and we'll get them out of here."

She took a deep gulping breath. Nodded. Staggered to the corner and slid down it to sit facing the room. Crossed her legs and closed her eyes.

Ice turned to eye the Cyborg. Artificial arm, with the laser on top, pointed at the elevator, as the door were cycling, unable to shut on the bodies sprawled through the door.

The Cyborg glanced at Ice, then turned to looked down the row of bare heads to the surgical team, as they stepped to the next in line, oblivious to the mayhem behind them.

The Cy raised his arm and killed them all.

He looked around at Ice. "For the opportunity to do that, I thank you. Even if it's the last thing I ever do. But there's no other way out, and they'll get through the door soon enough." His head turned slightly. "I hoped she could escape. The special treatment on the third floor . . . At least these children here will have some semblance of a normal life."

Ice looked back a Gior. How the hell I managed to teleport out of Government House after fighting so hard, I don't know. But surely I can do one more short one if I have to. Get Gior out of here.

"Well . . . just in case she can do something, let's see what we can do for these youngsters. can you cut their restraints?" Ice reached into his backpack, and pulled out the pocket flask. He dipped a finger in and got a couple of drips into the first kid's mouth, moved to the next.

By the time he'd reached the end, the boy on the first cot was shoving up to look around in horror, hands going to his head.

The Cyborg grinned. "Nice, but if the girl can't open a gate, you'll be dealing with a couple dozen hysterical boys and girls."

Ice nodded. "Yeah . . . umm, have you got a name? I mean, when you were a kid, surely . . ."

"Bob. Just . . . call me Bob."

"Right. I'm Ice, that Gior. Keep an eye on the stairway door. Yell before they get through." Ice paced down to kneal beside Gior. "How's it going?"

Tears leaked. "I can't find any place I recognize."

"Well, just now, any world with a breathable atmosphere would be an improvement."

"Oh . . . I can do that . . . that one right there . . . and there's a cone . . . "

Ice stood up and walked down to the first kids he'd dosed. Embarrassed and wrapping themselves in blankets.

"Huh, that's even worse than the horrible things they have us put on." Ice Pulled out a knice and sliced a hole in the center and dropped it over the kid's head. "We'll worry about style if we live long enough. Walk down toward that woman sitting on the floor, but don't interrupt her."