November 14th, 2019

_Cyborgs_ part 12

He pulled out his phone and taped the 1 button.

“Hey, Betelgeuse, you know those glyphs that Fean showed us? Do you remember if there was one for mental shields? In fact, energy shields might be nice, the way these guys all carry lasers . . .”

A few days later they were ready to face the mentalist again. The Cys weren’t the only ones sporting necklaces of pierced coins, each with a graphic form of a spell. Lyle, Ernie and Duran had necklaces of their own, and the night squad was spread out in a line leading away from the buildings, to test how far this particular True Man Mentalist could influence them.

Eldon popped the bubble, and took off the Chain. “Oh, hey, I had one more question for you? Are there any girl Cyborgs?”

Which the Cy probably didn’t hear, cursing and staring at Cinco. “Kill him! Release me, you pathetic old unter mensch!”

But Cinco was grinning, and walked closer, leaned right over the Mentalist. “Nada. I am free.”

Eldon stepped to the door. “So, anyone want to kill me? Oops!” The two closest of the night guard guys were over at their hummer, assembling their rifles.

He ducked back inside and Eldon’s not all that stupid and rechained the poor poisonous schmuck.

Bubbled him. Stuck him on the wall.

Cinco grinned. “Now we just need to plot the downfall of the Cyborg empire. Lots of wine and millions of these shield coins.”

“Yikes! And only two of us who can make them. I wonder if we can get the glyphs stamped on them and just magically enhance them? Not having to physically create the coins would save three fourths of the time.” Eldon grinned. “You guys chill, while I go see what mass manufacturing can do for us.”

At the hacienda, he talked briefly to Betelgeuse, went shopping, then shifted the corridor off to their property in the far northeast of the state. Mountainous, remote, and very private.

He popped the bubble with the three other Cyborgs.

Frozen in the act of attacking their friend . . . Stumbling and looking around. The guy who’d been controlled put both hands to his head—winced as he hit himself with the cyber arm.

“You’re Horus’s friends, right?”

They stopped looking around at the rocks and pine trees, and focused on him.

“What happened, we were in the camp . . . Horus! What happened? Where are we?”

“Horus is fine. You are on a different world. Well, you lot know all about parallel worlds, so I can skip that part. This is the world that umm, Center Rista Myz? I think I got that right, fled to with Jau and Sati.”

All three Cys straightened up.

“Yeah, the kids are fine, and back with their parents now.” Eldon nodded. “So, this world was just starting to experiment with dimensional gates. And is very reluctant to call the Drei Match Bunny thing’s attention to themselves.”

“The . . .” The head guy snorted. “We were part of Horus’s undercover squad. We learned several of the languages from the worlds they’ve taken . . . did you just call the Drei Mächte Bündnis . . . the brutal conquerors of a thousand worlds . . . rabbits?”

“Yeah, well, whatever. Now see, I’m from another world, and yes, I’m a mentalist.”

They recoiled in horror, cyber arms coming up.

“Oh, save your charge. I’m one of the good guys. We don’t do invasions, either as a world or individually. Now, we experimented on some other Cys. Oh, relax they’re in good shape. I’ve got some stuff that will dissolve the wires in your brains, and then some spells shields stuck on some coins. I see that you are interested.”

“You can actually . . .”

“Dissolve the wires. The shield coins can protect you from a weak mentalist, probably not a strong one.” Eldon brought out his purchases. “So, here’s three days-worth of food. And some glasses . . . and the potion.” He poured three glasses.

“The guys we experimented on? Took three days to dissolve the wires. So if you will please not go too far and frighten the natives, I’ll be back in three days and we can start figuring out what to do.”

“Oh?” the leader, Jennon or somesuch, turned his head to look at him with the regular eye. “And what do you have planned?”

“Well . . . apparently they have a gate that they’re attacking through. If,” Old Gods! Am I actually going to say it? “I had an escort of Cys, maybe we could get close enough to sabotage it.”

“Zeus!” the three looked at each other.

One of the other looked back at Eldon. “How can we get to where they arrive, let alone get through to where the actual machinery is?”

“I . . .” Shit, what if they get recaptured? “Well, my people can make gates. We can go straight to that hub world, or branch or whatever you call it. That will be the easy part. You guys have never been there, have you?”

“We won’t know how to find anything.” Jennon chewed his lip.

“I think one of the other Cys will. So talk it over, and please stay here. I’ll be back.”


Back at the hacienda, Betelgeuse had already found a place that would be happy to stamp out five hundred copies of three different coins with those designs on them.

“They won’t be ready for three weeks, even paying extra for priority. Every other place was saying three months or more.”

Eldon looked at the price tag and winced. “Let’s do it. If it works, we’ll need a lot more.”

“Won’t Lyle pay for it all?”

“Well, the government really doesn’t want to get involved in a war. So I think I’ll be financing this rebellion myself.” Eldon shrugged. “It . . . needs to be done.”

Betelgeuse grinned. “This is quite a change from robbing banks. I think I like it.”

“Yeah. Me too.”