November 6th, 2019

_Cyborgs_ part 5


Not far enough.

Eldon threw up a shield behind them as the blast tumbled them down the slope. And held it over head as debris pattered down all around. As headlights shone around the corner ahead, they flattened against the cliff behind an illusion of stone.

Horus looked around, and pointed up.

Eldon gave the almost sheer cliff a look over and pointed at what looked like the best run of finger and toeholds.

And where they lacked, he molded the rock a bit and they were over the ridge without being spotted.

They rested, just below the crest and surveyed the Cyborg camp. Horus with binoculars, Eldon magically enlarging his sight.

Picking targets.

“Do you actually have explosives along with you?”

“Well, no.” Horus shrugged. “But surely a military base will have enough laying around for us to borrow.”

“Hmm, I brought along some of those mortar bomb things.” Eldon grinned. “And a tank. Do you know how to drive a tank?”

“Uh . . . not one of theirs.”

“Oh well. See that big fancy tent? Why don’t we go blow it up?”

“Yeah. It’s either their HQ or their mess hall. Let’s go!”


It was headquarters. Horus prowled a bit . . . then pounced on a little black box and started tapping at it.

Eldon grinned. “So do you guys call them phones or comms?”

“Loc. Loquor.”

“Huh.” Eldon fished out a couple of the mortar rounds. “I hope you know how to make these things go boom from a safe distance.”

Horus started rattling away, with numbers to identify himself, then a smile as some replied to him. “Yes, I have found some interesting friends. I’m still in the Cyborg camp is there anything you’d especially like destroyed before I run? Oh, tell my sister that I’m well, and that my girlfriend got the children safely away.”

Whatever was said in return must have been good news, Horus’s facial muscles relaxed a bit. “Oh, yes, in fact that’s where we are right now. And I may be able to get things to you. What do you need? . . . I see. I’ll sign off before they track me. Oops.”

Eldon spun, throwing up a shield. Three Cyborgs sprinting toward them, weapons coming up . . . the Cy in the lead spotted Horus . . . an expression of horror.

“Sir!” The Cy put on the brakes, the other two bumped him, stopped and stared.

“Jannon . . .” Horus sounded equally horrified. “and Marcus, Callus . . .”

Their weapons lowered, then the first one’s face went slack, his eyes blank, the gun coming back up . . . Eldon grabbed a bubble and swooped it over them. Slapped it on his arm.

Horus swallowed. “I should kill them in mercy.”

“Bah. Let’s blow this place up, then we can take your friends away and see what we can do about their little problem.”

“Eldon . . . Gods, I pray you can. All the ones we tried, died.”

He took the mortar round and winced “I think it’s impact triggered.”

“It says ‘roll this way’ so lets roll it the other way and run. I can probably throw some fire if that doesn’t do any good.”

Horus shrugged and rolled it, bolted the other way. Eldon galloped after, a physical and energy shield up behind him . . . unneeded. He sent a hard punch at it, then a fireball. Everything around it burst into flame.

“Bloody hell. Well, I can burn it all down any way.” Eldon rolled the second mortar round into a fancy office and trotted away. Tossing fireballs behind and to each side as they ran through the tent. And out the far side. Stunning two Cy standing guard.

A sudden boom behind them. “Maybe it just needed to get hot enough!” Eldon followed Horus, who seemed to have a suicide mission in mind as Cys started converging on the fire.

A Cy leaping out of a car, yelling orders . . . spotting them. A stun spell staggered Eldon, despite his shield. He pulled heat from the fire behind him and threw a small diameter punch. The Cy collapsed, and the ordinary Cys around suddenly started slowing, looking around.

“The mentalist is dead!” A Cy spun around in a circle. “I’m free!” He bolted, and he wasn’t the only one leaving.

Eldon grabbed Horus. “We need to get out of here.”

Horus pointed. “See that? That’s the fortress. When we get out of here, I need you to open a gate from somewhere safe into the interior of that.”

“Right. Now get in here . . .” Eldon shoved Horus into a more substantial building. A kitchen.

“Do they have a food store? I think the fortress is running out of food, not that they’d say so when someone could be monitoring.” Horus jerked opened a door. “Yes! Can you scoop up as much as possible, and . . .”

Eldon scooped the whole room, opened the corridor against the wall and grabbed Horus and shoved him through, tossed a mortar round, threw a fireball and jumped through himself. He dodged to the side and reached back mentally and popped the corridor.

The rising sun was bright enough to outshine the fires they’d left behind. A distant boom and a new column of smoke.

Rista slugged Horus. “For scaring me, you toad!” then tried to kill Eldon again.