November 3rd, 2019

_Cyborg_ part 2

Chapter Siege

But of course the military type wanted to know about the Cyborgs’ weapons. Especially the big ones.

The trio sketched out something very much like tanks, and weird laser guns.

Eldon looked over at the Romans. “So let’s go get the gentlemen some weapons. Did you say there was still fighting somewhere? Who has a map?”

The Roman World apparently looked just like this world, although they were wrinkling their noses over a few details. But they tapped the place labeled “Spain.”

“Our ztrongest . . .”

“Fort?” Eldon suggested.

Rista glowered at him. “Fort iz here. If de Emperor and Empress live, they will be der.”

“So that’s where the Cyborgs will have their Army.” Vickers frowned. “Supply lines . . . food, fuel, ammunition . . . what sort of fuel do those tanks use? And these lasers, what sort of battery life do they have.”

They stared at him, swapped looks. Rista lip her lip. “There is power broadcast. No batteries. No fuel. All iz electrizity.”

The army guys all pondered that.

Eldon gave up and asked. “Broadcast like radio? Only instead of music, you get power? Is it so strong you can power tanks and lasers straight from the air, no onboard power storage?”

“Oh. I zee. Der are collectors for de lasers. They fill up, you shoot, they fill up and you shoot again. Is fast, like. Shoot . . . shoot . . . shoot. De big lasers on de tanks, de . . .” She frowned up at the digital clock on the wall. “Shoot.” Thirty two seconds. “Shoot. Like dat. De ‘tank’ you call dem. De cannot shoot and move at de same time, because power."

Ernie grinned. “And where is the power generated in the first place, and what structures broadcast it?”

Rista was whispering, sitting between Horus and Bark-whatever.

Horus looked from her to Ernie, shocked. “You cannot destroy a nuclear power plant! And if you take down the rebroadcast pylons, the citadel won’t have power either!”

Lyle and the army guys were looking blankly at Horus.

Oh. Latinish.

Eldon translated. “Nuclear power plants, rebroadcast pylons, and their fort uses it too, so if you take out the power to the Cyborgs, the Fort be defenseless.”

“No back up power in their forts? Why bother having forts?”

Rista snorted. “Are very old. Improved all de time. Nex time they probably have der own generator.” She frowned up at the lights. “How you do?”

They couldn’t decide whether wires carrying electrizity was brilliant or crazy.

Eldon cracked his knuckles. “So? Let’s go grab a few weapons, maybe even a tank.”

The Army officer withdrew to a corner for a low voiced conference.

Eldon looked over the rest of them. “So, you guys hungry? Rista, you still keeping secrets?”

She nodded. “But ve can go to dat hace enda ov yours.”

Ernie stepped away, and apparently got permission to take everyone else off to lunch.

It was definitely a crowd in the Suburban, but the corridors that had the two new Romans looking around in alarm, made it a short ride.

As usual, the kids ran out to mob him, Jau and Sati hung back until they spotted the romans, then they rushed in . . . and threw themselves at Horus.

“Avunculus?” Ernie looked at Eldon.

“Uncle. Looks like we’ve got another member of the royal family here.”

Rista, smiling for a change, shook her head. “His older sister is the Empress, but he is not in the line of succession. But he is a possible regent for Jau.”

Betelgeuse circled the kids and nodded to Rista.

“Dis iz Barcellious Metre, a member ov de Emeror’s guard. And Jau and Sati’s Avunculus Horus Xanderia, who is . . .” She looked at Eldon, ‘How do you say Analyticum notitia conversus exploratorem?”

“Intelligence analyst turned spy. Except he’s more like the underground resistance, now.”