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18 July 2019 @ 01:10 pm
  He studied the distribution of the people, the density points of the steel boxes in orderly groupings. The zinging electricity of computers . . .
He snapped back to local awareness a person nearby. Well shielded . . . with happy sparks leaking . . . He grinned and let her snuggled up while he checked the guys . . . no one worried . . . He opened his shields to let Rael feel it all. She nodded recognition of points around the city, and reached out to steer Ebsa into a library and show him how it worked. Julianne was with him, and Xen felt Ebsa showing her the controls.

Xen pulled back and looked for the hard shielded competency of the black cops . . . and found widespread coordinated activity, homing in toward Karl and Ra’d. He sent Ra’d a quick flash map of the cops’ locations and directions, then hunted for the last group.

Chris Hanger, Noah Verde, and Martin T’Linc.

Surrounded by a circle of shielded magicians, and the circle was closing in.

:: Xen? :: Chris sounded worried.

:: I see them. Ra’d’s got them too. :: Xen stood up, warped light and used Chris for a recognition point. Stepped through, a few steps ahead of the trio, and grabbed a quick recognition for that spot. “Gather round, it’s time to leave.”

Martin shot a look over his shoulder as the black uniformed cops broke cover and charged.

Bumped into the invisible Xen, who grabbed them all and stepped back to the gate. Xen jumped past them and slugged the black clad cop who'd gotten close enough to grab. He grabbed the staggering cop, and slung him through the corridor to the ally, popped the corridor bubble.

“They must be on the alert for fake IDs.” Xen looked down at Rael.

“No problems yet.” She murmured. “Oops, Ra’d on the other hand . . .”

Ra’d staggered out of thin air, hauling Karl backwards with him.

“They have very good shields.” Ra’d frowned back in the direction of the city center. “And a very good fast response protocol. Without teleportation, they’d have had us.”

Karl nodded. “Nice encirclement.” He slipped a gun back into a dimensional bag and closed it. “But I was just as glad to miss an opportunity to see if Q’s shield piercing bullets worked.”

Rael thumped Xen’s leg. “Come take a look at the library. I think they’re moving on Ebsa and Julianne, now.”