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15 July 2019 @ 04:25 pm

Inso nodded. “Orde’s got most of the Worlds on board for some sort of official non-aggression and trade agreement, and has a nice assortment of people to go talk to the Xin Zhonggou government, once any sort of agreement to talk is reached.”

“There needs to be a firm agreement to not damage our delegates.” Xen ground his teeth.

Chapter Thirty-two


Xen nodded sympathetically at his . . . Old Gods! My spies. I’ve graduated to spy master.

“Just having a good grasp of the descriptive part of the ID is good.”

Julianne frowned at her computer screen. “That’s the only part we can get right, in any case. The second and third lines may just be addresses and com numbers, for all we know. But the last three lines . . . Damn base three numbers, but they’re good for a hundred and twenty-nine million IDs.”

Ra’d tapped her screen. “The oldest people we scanned started with a plus in the hundred million slot, and the middle group a minus. We only picked up a few nulls, from a group of teenagers. Zero, one, two . . . except they probably rollover and start again every few generations.”

Ebsa grinned. “Now we need to figure out how to get a hold of one of their computers. Ajha promised to send Azko out here—if he can’t hack their comps . . . well. Anyhow, once he’s in he can try to insert some fake ID numbers and give us some background, some money, or credit or whatever. You didn’t have that much, when you started, did you?”

“Your society is much less monitored. And dysfunctional. We sold gold and lived on cash cards, hiding behind some old winos. If we’d had to start with computer hacking we’d have been toast.”

Ra’d shrugged. “We were expecting high tech intrusions. The analyses of where we went wrong are . . . interesting. All the security on the gates, minimal internal awareness of potential foreigners just showing up.”

Xen grinned. “I suspect that’s changed. So, whip up some new, improved, ID’s and we’ll try a few minor purchases, ride the tram and so forth. Since the ID numbers we use may belong to real people, we need to minimize anything that might get noticed.”

Oh Damn. Spy Master.

“Well, you’ll do all that. While you lot stroll around town. I’m going to sit and try some passive monitoring of the Transport Facility.” Project confidence in their abilities! ‘If you get into something you can’t handle without killing someone, remember to yell for the God of Spies,’ does not project confidence!

“And . . . I deduce from the grins that you already have your new IDs taped on, so put on your business karate and have fun.” And I’ll go have a fit of vapors.


Or not. He could sit and feel them walking out of the corridor and sauntering casually away. Confident, competent. Leave them to it and check on Jaejong and AnnaKarina.

Nothing. Well, several hundred people underground, but no one very strong.

The bosses are out right now.

I should take a look . . . pickup a computer or two . . .