May 2nd, 2019

_Guardsman_ part 54

“Surely there was a cut-out. I know he thinks he’s brilliant but surely he’s not that trusting?” Insa shook his head. “Unless he’s a whole lot more screwed-up mentally than I’d ever guessed.”

“Eh. He worries me a bit. There’s that male pattern behavior, where, in the face of losing his wife, a man kills her, the kids and then himself.” Dave hunched his shoulders. “So he lost the presidency. How does a narcissist behave? Some one normal looks to see what he’s done wrong, and starts planning to fix that the next time.”

“I don’t think I want to hear how you guys analyzed me.” Insa looked around. “I haven’t seen his wife. Surely she came . . .”

Dave glanced back, didn’t spot Ycrw. He tapped his pocket to switch his vocal back on and send to the surveillance people. “Do you have a location for Ycrow?”

“Men’s lav, first floor.”

“Thanks.” Dave switched back to listen only on the main channel. Very handy, these ear buds.

He glanced back at Insa. “Lav.”

“Huh. I always wondered if he was sufficiently human for that.”

Dave grinned, and strolled back toward the podium. The crowd was splitting among those wanting to hear Izzo’s victory speech, and those who were wishing they could ignore it. And a very few who even refused to even be polite about it, backs turned. He spotted a few One Firsters he knew among that batch. Shifted uneasily.

Scar’s voice on the main channel. “I’m not picking up any serious threat feelings from that lot.”

Lucky Dave hunched his shoulders . . . Shit, something is going to happen . . .

He tried to just walk . . . found himself going in circles . . . looking toward Government House, up on the roof . . . He switched back to surveillance. “Is Ycrw still inside?”

“On the roof.”

“And we have plenty of people up there, right?”

Qamar went up to check out the view.