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12 June 2018 @ 09:44 am

/// Probably need a section describing the Oner’s fort under construction and Jack bringing in supplies and ammunition. Arrow making a well and fixing the plumbing? Jack looking at the barred windows on one “barracks” building.

“Are you keeping people in or out? I don’t think kidnapping people is a good idea.”

A sneer from one of the passing Oners. “Softy. They aren’t mad enough about a few missing cows.”

Jack grit his teeth. They’re going to get us all killed.///


Jack climbed out of the truck with a curse, stretching his back. A Oner stomped out of the officer's quarters. Iqne, one of their action team leaders. Arrogant son of a bitch, they think they'll be the leaders, because of their damned magic. Sooner or later we'll find out if Arrow is stronger than they are, or not.

"Driving yourself?" the Oner sneered at Jack, leered at Arrow as she got down.

But kept his hands to himself. She’d only had to stun two more, over the last two months.

Iqne looked back at Jack. "I never thought I'd see you without your armored gyp."

"Bad trip, two flats on each vehicle." Jack shrugged, trying for indifference. "And only one spare on the gyp. Someone borrowed the other. I left the lads to deal with it."

"Ha!" The Oner turned and eyed the very few people around. "Ubso, get the forklift. Two pallets of canned and dried goods, one pallet of ammo. We'll be ready." He eyed Arrow. "If you can close the gates."

She smiled smugly. "I can. I’ll close to gate to Earth and the gate from Earth Town to Embassy. Then I'll close to gate to One World. Then we'll just see if we also need to close that gate to Embassy, or if we can negotiate our independence."

Iqne curled a lip. "Disco is owned heart and soul by Comet Fall." He shifted away to give the forklift space to get to the end pallet. "Everyone else there is just an employee. You really think that wizard let's Hackathorne make policy decisions?"

Arrow laughed. "Finally, some one who sees the truth. But if they play by their own rules we may have a chance. After all, we're sticking it to both Earth and Empire. We can pull this off."

The fork lift returned for the second pallet of food.

Arrow pulled four stones out of her pocket. “And I have a better way to get from Jack’s HQ to yours.” She stepped over to a bench, and set the stones down. Switched them around until she had them in the right shape. “This is one end of a gate. As you can see, the other end is a mile away from the Earthers two gates.”

Indeed, the “picture” showing through the rectangle of the rocks was of the roads up the hill to the two arches of the gates. Well separated. One dark in the daylight, one bright with arid desert tan.

“Take these with you. When it’s time, open them, stick them up on any outside wall and we’ll drive through . . . although it might be better if we walked through, inside.” She shrugged. “Your choice. We’ll look before we drive through.”

The fork lift snagged the last pallet and trundled off to the other warehouse.

A couple of figures climbed into the truck cab and shifted it forward, out of the way . . . kept going . . . Jack turned and frowned. "Hey! Don’t put it in the motor pool, we’ll need it in . . .”

It cruised past the solidly parked area . . .

“What are they doing with my truck?" He raised his voice. "Hey, close the gate, don't let them . . . Shit! Iqne, check the prisoners, I think a couple are escaping."

Half the vehicles here were company property and would start for his implanted ID. Why the hell did I leave the truck running? He bolted across to an armored transport. If that's just some idiots taking a joy ride, they're going to regret it. Because prisoners escaping right now would be bad PR. Fatal, in fact.

Iqne was standing, looking unfocused. The Action Teamers burst out of the barracks, half undressed, fumbling into clothes with weapons slung over their backs. They headed for the Oner vehicles.

Iqne snapped back into the present. Grinned. "Looks like the revolution is on, boys and girls. I'll call Arry and let him know, call the guard posts and tell the boys to head for Cough. You get your witch to Cough Town and close the gates." His grin widened. "We'll clean up this little escape and be right on your heels.

Jack scowled. “If we don’t catch them by the river, I’ll take Arrow back to [name of Earth’s town] and in position to take down those two gates. When you get to Cough Town, open the corridor. We’ll close our gates then come close yours.”