August 14th, 2015

So, what next?

Back to Comet Fall? Or the further Adventures of Ebsa, Ra'd and Paer? The story of their senior year at the Directorate School is still waiting around for a problem that matters to them and that they can do something about. The story of what they're doing after _Black Point Clan_ and while Ajki hands the Exterior Directorate over to Izzo is trotting happily along, with the background set up and the problem about to be discovered, so no telling when or if you'll get the end of the story.

Or I've got an old story, Disco vs the Hors de Combat . . . probably way out of date, and I have no idea how complete it is--I tend to have stories complete in my mind that never made it to paper, or electrons. Always a surprise when I reread.