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22 August 2017 @ 03:43 pm
Flying addition  


Day 6

"Isakson wants to spars with us?" Imde swapped anxious glances with Deim.

The old man was careful to not hurt them, but no matter how fast he got, how cool he stayed, Isakson was faster and better.

Isakson shrugged. "They're fast enough. Not aggressive at all. Pity."

Rael giggled and congratulated them on their survival.

Got her own glower from the old man, and a round on the mat that had Imde sweating in terror at the speed, the skill, the blows to head and neck . . .

It was actually a relief to go outside and watch her try to kill herself figuring out how to steer, how to reestablish a kite string after gliding around . . . flubbing another landing.

"Ow!" Rael sat up, rotated her right shoulder, winced as she flexed her wrist. Both palms skinned, again. "There's got to be a better way to do the landings."

They all migrated to the pool, where Tease challenged him to a magic water fight, and wound up with him on one side and the four women on the other.

He won with a finishing attack that involved lifting all the water in the pool, women included, and dumping it on the patio.

Rael was laughing, not even bothering to get up off the wet concrete. Tease and Fussy exchanged glances as they helped each other up. "We need to find more Oner men with that Mage gene and see if they can all do things like this."

Deim leaned and stage whispered to Rael, "Teachers' pet."

Imde sniffed and got out of the way of the bemused staff as they showed up with hoses. No Deim, the petting comes later.

Day 7

The last day Tease challenged him to think about the water vapor in the air, that the heat in the air put power into, to vaporize, and could he pull that power out?

A faint fog, the dew forming on his hands.

"Good, now put the water back into the air. Good. Again."

After sweating for half an hour he was pulling power from the air without worrying about the water.

"Excellent! Damn, I'm sorry you're leaving tonight. But keep practicing that, you've broken your block. And hit the books . . . and we'll see if we can find a good instructor down there . . . "

Tease cleared her throat. "If not, we'll come down periodically to test your progress."

The wink as she turned and walked away was definitely promising.

"This has been a really interesting week." Deim held up a wire and it tied itself into flower-shaped knot.

Imde nodded. "I can't wait to hit the beach and see what I can do on purpose . . . pity classes start the day after tomorrow, it'll be a few days." He walked back to where Isakson was finishing beating up the head of the Black Horse Guards.

I hope I'm not going to get beat up one last time before I head home.

But he wasn't the old man's next target.


"He's smiling. Oh God." Rael obeyed the crook of his finger and stepped out to bow to Isakson.
mbarkermbarker on August 23rd, 2017 12:51 am (UTC)
Isakson wants to spars with us? <-- spar (no s)...