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03 July 2017 @ 12:18 am
_A Little Mystery_ part 4  

"Should be simple to search, right? Just because her boyfriend does dimensional . . . stuff . . . " Wsca looked around. "We'll start with the safe . . . Icks go get a small table so we can spread stuff out . . . "

He set up two vid recorders. One looking down at the table, one that covered most of the room.

The safe held a jewelry box. It opened like a fishing tackle box, trays or rings and pins and earrings, boxes with matched sets. And everything in it was stuffed with electronics.

"Does she record every date she has with Wolfson?" Uck looked down at the collection, clearly appalled. "Does she really love him or is he just a . . . job?"

Scar stepped to the doorway. As he'd expected, Fool was still there. Arms crossed and leaning against the wall. "Where was the brag box?"

"In the jewelry chest, which, yes, is mostly directorate spy gear. It was in the bottom, under the boxed sets." She glowered. "And Rael controls whether the electronics are on or off."

"Right." Wsca checked carefully through every box, and swabbed the bottom of the jewelry box for the lab. the safe held a few other items. An envelope with four memory chips. An envelope of papers . . . Birth certificate, diploma from the Princess School, Masters Degree in Magical Techniques . . .

Ick was reading over his shoulder. "One, well, I guess we knew poisons weren't her specialty, but I rather thought . . . well, I guess they don't give degrees in Beating the Crap Out of Men . . . "

"Ha!" From the hallway.

Scar swabbed the envelopes, the empty safe, and put everything back. locked the safe.

"Closet or desk next?" Uck looked at the desk. Lamp, pictures, a small comp. A scatter of stuff. Knick knacks, souvenirs, a rock. With a Certificate of Authenticity, swearing it was from the Moon.

Right. That British Empire World, with a Corridor to the Moon. Gossip was that Wolfson took her there on a date.

A cup with pens and pencils and a square mental rod with a line running the length of it.

Is that a . . . dimensional bag?

Scar stepped away from the desk and looked in the closet. "She said something about boxes, and here are some moving boxes. Let's do them next."

"Yeah, maybe it just fell out." Uck looked hopeful.

He set the first box on the floor beside the table and opened it. "Looks like miscellaneous stuff she didn't have anyplace to put . . . One! I really hope we don't have to search her house!"

He pulled out a pair of slippers, a wine bottle, a quarter full . . . they all stopped and boggled at it.

"Surely that isn't . . . "

"Couldn't be."

They stared at it for a long moment. Then Scar grabbed a small evidence bag. Ick pulled the cork and dribbled a tiny bit into the bag. Scar sealed it . . . spotted Urk touching the side of the bottle, a drip . . . "Don't . . ."

Urk jerked his hand back.

A couple of shirts, shoes, three paper books, references. Scar upended the box over the table and dumped a few photos, receipts, sand . . . and a little square of cardboard with yellow and brown stripes.

He got out the tweezers and picked it up. Made sure the vid cam got a good shot of both sides, the magnified his own vision and read off the details. Expiration date. 1402. Two years ago? But how long is it good for?

"Hey Fool? How old is Rael? When did she uh, finally pass that poisons class?"

She pulled out her comp . . . "Born 6 Muharram 1364. Huh, she's older than I'd realized. Somehow she managed to dodge a thirtieth birthday party. At any rate, she'd have graduated in 1388, give or take a year. Six years before she joined the Presidential guards."

"Ha! Undercover in the Ministry of War!" Ick laughed. "I wondered if she was that stupid secretary."

"Yeah! Red Hair!" Uck was grinning.

Scar, on the other hand, was feeling a bit sick. "So she was working for the One. And . . . why did the One then put her in the guard?"

They all shut up.

Scar swallowed and said it. "In case the Old Orde won reelection. Right?"

"No!" Fool snapped. "The One would not break the trusts of the Guard Princesses. This was just a place to get her out of sight."

Scar relaxed suddenly. "After all, we know she's not an assassin." A glance toward the evidence box. The little square in his tweezers. "Right. Fool? will you please check your Poisons Professor friend and find out how long these things are good for? I need a double check on expiration dates."

He called Captain Onca. "Found the missing poison card in the bottom of a shipping carton with labels that show it's been from here to Montevideo and back. And . . . "

Fool stuck her head in the door. "Fifteen years. Rael's would have expired last year or the year before."

"And the expiration date matches when she'd have gotten hers. Can someone check that Bunny woman's . . . "


"Wow, she doesn't look old enough to have been out of college for eleven years."

The Captain snorted. "Princesses never do. All right. I didn't think it could be Rael, but we had to be sure."

"Yes, sir. Her publicly missing that particular poison may have . . . solidified an assassin's choice of weapons."

"You have a nasty mind. Close up Rael's room and come back to Government House see if you can charm anything out of, One save me! Bunny. One of the guys loomed a bit too much and now she's stuttering. Your babyface may calm her down."

Bane of my existence. Wish I did have a scar.

"Right. Sir? How is the Director?"

"Demonstrating how to be a bad patient. Now concentrate on the investigation, Corporal."

James ResoldierJames Resoldier on July 3rd, 2017 07:01 am (UTC)
Here's a funny typo on paragraph 13:

square mental rod
ekuah on July 3rd, 2017 07:47 am (UTC)
"Right. That British Empire World, with a Corridor to the Moon. Gossip was that Wolfson took her there on a date."

Well, that gives the expression of "He took me to the moon" a whole new meaning.