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25 June 2017 @ 08:54 am
_New Warriors_ part 5 plus  

Chapter Four

The doctor was a woman. Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

Rael winced. Please keep your Arab side under control . . . Rael's thoughts derailed as she took in Isakson's wary expression.

Rael studied the doctor . . . lowered her shields. And found the bottomless depths of controlled power she'd always associated with Xen.

"I'm Doctor Gisele Heath. Welcome to Embassy."

The Goddess of Health and Fertility is working in a hospital? Well . . . where else? But on Embassy?

A flick of a smile her direction. "I both work and teach here. Lots of sick and injured people here for my students to learn on."

Isakson took her extended hand like he was being handed a snake. "I am Isak ibn Isak . . . "

"Isak's son? Oh my, you don't look much like that scrawny little imp, but time does that to us all, doesn't it? Now . . . good heavens! How many times have you broken that jaw? It looks like a jigsaw puzzle." She wasn't actually that young, more matronly.

"I'm two hundred years old. I've lost track. And my grandfather Hugo always said you were one of the enemy."

"And Hugo too? Well that explains the fighting . . . Hmm, your teeth need work too. But lets start with the jaw. Would you like some steel reinforcement? Since you seem to get punched regularly?" Grey swept through her hair and she stooped a bit as she reached for his face.

Judging by his expression Isakson was more likely to run away than hit her. Rael slipped out and leaned on the wall, shivering.

And . . . I'm already running. I didn't . . . I hadn't thought what they might be like. Holy One! Talk about your Archetypes! The Maiden, the Matron, and the Crone. I wonder if she has any control over it? I should go back in and ask . . .

Rael looked back at the door. Caught a high sweet voice. "I think I'll just mold the bone instead of rebreaking it, and shift the teeth before I heal over the new break . . . Would you prefer artificial teeth or shall I persuade your jaw to grow two new ones?"

I think I'll ask Xen.


Xen was chatting with someone in the Disco building lobby . . . He brightened when he spotted her, and the other man turned around to see the source of Xen's grin.

"Ah! Princess Rael! What a pleasure to actually meet you."

Recognition clicked in. Arg! The Earth Ambassador!

"Mr. Montgomery, the pleasure is mutual." Rael shook his hand and restrained a giggle.

"It must be infuriating to know you were, umm, a tourist attraction for a month."

That deserved a giggle, and bat of eyelashes. "Indeed. Not nearly as much fun as having murderous statures on your roof to twig Ambassador Ashe about."

That got a rueful smile. "It was fun the first few times and he took it in good grace. One almost couldn't see the steam coming out his ears. I started feeling a bit guilty about enjoying it."

He shrugged. "And then my people started complaining about them ruining the view. All things considered, it came out as well as it possibly could of, at that point."

Rael sighed. "Yes. However personally embarrassing, it shook up enough people that perhaps we can prevent a repeat of this . . . impulse to war." She glanced out the tall tinted windows. The top of the Earth Embassy building wasn't visible. "You must have a spectacular view down the coast."

"And of the mountains. Who you like to see it?"

"Absolutely." Rael giggled—no subterfuge, the look on Xen's face was priceless—as she took the Ambassador's proffered elbow and walked off with him.

"Won't you join us, Xen?" Mischievous tones in the old man's voice.


Nancy naleta on June 26th, 2017 01:52 am (UTC)
Thumbs up! :-)
(Anonymous) on June 27th, 2017 03:05 am (UTC)
Yes!!! I await more with bated breath.